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Repost: CRG on TV

Program note: My apologies to subscribers who received my email last night, but were unable to see the post later today. I migrated the Tusk this morning to a new server and my most recent missive was a victim of the transition. Here it is again:

The Comet Research Group’s 2020 Nature paper, “Evidence of Cosmic Impact at Abu Hureyra, Syria at the Younger Dryas Onset (~12.8 ka): High-temperature melting at >2200 °C“, received popular treatment on the Science Channel recently revealing the cosmic devastation at Abu Hurayra at ~12,800 BP. Abu Hurayra is the earliest identified location of human agriculture and one of the world’s most important archaeological sites.

The lead author of the CRG paper was Dr. Andrew M.T. Moore. Dr. Moore is the recent past president of the Archaeological Institute of America, the world’s largest archaeological society.

Bonus video of the CRG’s Marc Young interviewing Dr. Moore:

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