Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

May 2013

Restored from the library fire 1/11/20
    Space Daily Smithsonian National Post The Telegraph Where Lies the Younger Dryas Boundary Smoking Gun? Nice sum up from a creationist blog U Cincinnati U Santa Barbara Program Note: Boslough\LeCompte colloquy reposted and readable     Airbursts/impacts by a fragmented comet or asteroid have been proposed at the Younger Dryas onset (12.80 ±…
Excerpts I have a huge library of catastrophist books, both printed and now electronic. They range from horribly kooky and shallow to books that have millions of copies in their future. Dr. Jeffrey Goodman’s The Comets of God is closer to the latter. It will be read and re-read, particularly by Christians, and remembered as the best…
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