Sheridan Cave: A Bad Day for Flatheads and Beaver

Tankersley Clovis Comet Sheridan Cave Ohio by George Howard

  • E.P. Grondine

    It is good to see a formal publication of this site. A few notes:

    1) That should read “Clovis comet impactite sites” instead of “Clovis comet impact sites”.
    None of the possible “Clovis comet impact sites” have been demonstrated yet, entirely due to the lack of funding for this work.

    2) Since West did the sample analysis, we can expect an immediate attack by Boslough et. al.
    The illustration of the clearly delimited strata is thus very useful in refuting their assertiongs.

    3) Based on analysis of their daily calorie requirements, the immediate climatic effects of the atmospheric veil of impactites was enough to cause the immediate death by starvation of mega-fauna.

  • Trent Telenko

    Apex predators and herbivores tend to suffer most in food chain collapses.

    Those that survive tend towards pygmy versions of the original.

    Or so what I have read in various places on mass extinctions suggest.

  • E.P. Grondine

    Hi Trent –

    That is true, but in impact events you do see some variants. What the global survival of sapiens was in the Holocence Start Impact Event is still relatively unexamined.

    There is a lot of news in impact studies that is beyond the time of our host to post. It would be nice to have a place to discuss it. Please contact me privately.

  • Trent Telenko

    You can reach me at this e-address —