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2021 Tall el-Hammam study makes final Jeopardy! question

Cosmic Summit Program

The Hancock Corsetti Affair: A Detailed Explanation

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Rogan Listeners: Welcome to the Cosmic Tusk

My buddy Randall Carlson was kind to mention the Cosmic Tusk (and George Howard;) on Joe Rogan this weekend. I popped up this introductory post in case I get some extra visitors new to the Younger Dryas Impact, and they need guidance around this particular rabbit hole. Here at the Tusk we provide breaking news and in-depth information since 2010 regarding evidence from the past that cosmic…
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A statement from Randall Carlson

Ancient Apocalypse

Other Ancient Impacts

American Airburst: Comet fragments destroy ancient Midwest culture

The Washington Post Smithsonian Magazine University of Cincinnati press release Comet Research Group member Ken Tankersley and his University of Cincinnati team published an astonishing paper this week in Nature’s Science Reports providing hard data suggesting that the Native American “Hopewell Culture” witnessed and suffered terribly from a cosmic onslaught just 1700 years…
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Key paper reveals the astonishing cosmic secret behind "Boneyard Alaska"

Ancient airburst over Ohio