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Rogan Listeners: Welcome to the Cosmic Tusk

My buddy Randall Carlson was kind to mention the Cosmic Tusk (and George Howard;) on Joe Rogan this weekend. I popped up this introductory post in case I get some extra visitors new to the Younger Dryas Impact, and they need guidance around this particular rabbit hole.

Here at the Tusk we provide breaking news and in-depth information since 2010 regarding evidence from the past that cosmic impacts are far more dangerous and influential to human history than humanity has been led to believe.

Did you know NASA ignores the fact the many comets fragment into countless dangerous pieces when approaching our solar neighborhood, yet government impact frequency estimates assume each comet remains a single discrete point in space?

Rifles kill…but cosmic shotguns are a much better shot. And we have been blasted many times since humans arrived.

The Comet Research Group has all but proven the Younger Dryas Impact event ~12,887 years ago. Yet the mainstream keeps a boot on the neck of our information, despite it being published in the world’s top peer-reviewed science journals. Our work in Jordan found a horrific impact likely recorded in the bible. And in Ohio only 1700 years ago.

I could go on…

But make no mistake, the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis is The Rosetta Stone of earth and human history and truly inconvenient to the mainstream.

This ancient impact finally explains the:

So, here are some links to dig in:

The Bib: The Cosmic Tusk’s comprehensive bibliography of all published scientific papers on the Younger Dryas Impact
Dr. James Powell’s definitive recent book
The Cosmic Tusk on podcasts
The Carolina Bay phenomena
The ignored Taurid Meteor Stream which has threatened humans for millennia
Other ancient impacts
HowTube with the Magnificent Randall Carlson

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Peace out new friends.

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