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The Great Randall Carlson name checks Cosmic Tusk on Rogan

My buddy Randall Carlson was kind to mention the Cosmic Tusk (and George Howard;) on Joe Rogan this weekend. I popped up this introductory post in case I get some extra visitors new to the Younger Dryas Impact, and they need guidance around this particular rabbit hole.

Here at the Tusk we provide breaking news and in-depth information since 2010 regarding evidence from the past that cosmic impacts are far more dangerous and influential to human history than humanity has been led to believe.

Did you know NASA ignores the fact the many comets fragment into countless dangerous pieces when approaching our solar neighborhood, yet government impact frequency estimates assume each comet remains a single discrete point in space?

Rifles kill…but cosmic shotguns are a much better shot. And we have been blasted many times since humans arrived.

The Comet Research Group has all but proven the Younger Dryas Impact event ~12,887 years ago. Yet the mainstream keeps a boot on the neck of our information, despite it being published in the world’s top peer-reviewed science journals. Our work in Jordan found a horrific impact likely recorded in the bible. And in Ohio only 1700 years ago.

I could go on…

But make no mistake, the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis is The Rosetta Stone of earth and human history and truly inconvenient to the mainstream.

This ancient impact finally explains the:

So, here are some links to dig in:

The Bib: The Cosmic Tusk’s comprehensive bibliography of all published scientific papers on the Younger Dryas Impact
Dr. James Powell’s definitive recent book
The Cosmic Tusk on podcasts
The Carolina Bay phenomena
The ignored Taurid Meteor Stream which has threatened humans for millennia
Other ancient impacts
HowTube with the Magnificent Randall Carlson

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Peace out new friends.

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  1. Randall is a trailblazer in this field and you of course too George ……. He’s right – you would make a marvelous guest on Joe’s podcast… Ideally in tandem with Randall Graham , Ken Tankersely Dallas Abbott Or even Bill Napier and Mike Baillie .

    I have made some discoveries recently and I will endeavor to post them here. [ Why not ?] Lets just say some interesting additions to your link : ” The ignored Taurid Meteor Stream which has threatened humans for millennia .”

  2. Thanks Stu — bring it on! If you want to contact me by email, try george AT restoration systems . com

  3. I do hope your list of “All sorts of incredible geological features” no longer includes the Carolina bays! Graham included a nice synopsis of the Mid-Pleistocene Transition Impact in his “Cape Fear” chapter of America Before. It is prelude to an upcoming 30-page chapter in a GSA Special Book # 553.

  4. Gaining traction George, and I for one am so excited to see these in-roads against the consensus mindset. Bordering on a form of death wish.

    On “Rise of human civilizations as we were forced to pull plows — instead of pluck pears”… I did a depth psychology-focused webinar last year on the origins of civilisation, and the compulsion to control the immediate environment, especially food sources. Might the shift to settled living patterns, with a dramatically reduced range of plants and animals, be rooted in a trauma-induced strategy for collective survival? For example, eating grass is viewed by some cultures as an adaptation to starvation. Casts a different light on our current predicaments.

  5. Fascinating. Is the area south of the badlands natl park that appears to be washboard part of this massive cataclysmic event? Looks just like sand washboard in a creek but on a massive scale. Really cool stuff, please keep researching. Found you on Joe Rogan’s podcast, FYI.

  6. A brighter light shone on ‘New Light on the Black Death : The Cosmic Connection ” .

    Can you decode this passage in John Kelly’s : ” The Great Mortality ” George ? [ The primary source document that I am unable to access is said to be a letter although I may be mistaken ] It immediately struck me when I read the book in 2008 . The jacket cover of Kelly’s tour de force incidentally, is a reproduction of a 14th century woodcut showing an aerial explosion in the corner of the picture .

    ” at the end of June [ 1321 ] , during a solar eclipse in Anjou and Touraine [for ] a period of four hours on the twenty sixth ,the afternoon sun appeared swollen and horribly engorged as if bursting with blood ; then during the night , hideous black spots dimpled the moon as if the craters on its acned face had turned inside out . ”

    And this report dated November 4 .1322 attributed to Robert of Reading [ not Matthew of Westminster ] I noticed in the January 26 , 2013 , Cosmic Tusk compendium ” Roger That : Ancient Chronicles Inform Modern Science ” :

    ” on the fourth of November at the first hour of the night in the western parts beyond the city of London near the village of Uxbridge , there appeared in the air to many beholders a wonderful sign .For a certain pile of fire of the size and shape of a small boat pallid but of livid color rising up from the south and crossing the firmament with a slow and grave motion , set its course toward the north , Out of the front of this pile another very fervent fire of a red color and of greater quantity similar in shape to the former , burst forth immediately with bright beams and great speed , flying through the air which were seen …..by many beholders and by turns frequently approaching with collisions and engaging in fearful combat ”

    And this entry in Landmarks of World History : A Chronology of Remarkable Natural Phenomena ‘ The Middle Ages 1001 – 1500 : ” October 31 , 1322 . Obscuration of the Sun . Blood colored for 6 hours

    The common thread with the dates are the Earths intersections with the Taurid Complex streams . Close encounters with dense clusters of cometary debris would result in spectacular phenomena chronicled in the records above . Dust in the atmosphere reddening the sun ; black smudges visible on the moon after impacts on the lunar surface similar to the 1994 SL9 collisions.

    The years 1315 – 22 correspond to the years of the Great Famine and deepening cold temperatures in Europe . The reconstructed North Atlantic sea surface temperature chronology [ shown on p 110 of Baillie’s book ] displays plunging ‘altered character ‘ in the 1320’s . It can be hypothesized infalling cometary dust and nitric acid droplets acted as condensation nuclei for cloud formation causing the prolonged heavy rains , flooding and freezing of the Great Famine years [ Baillie hinted at this idea in his book ] Lyall Watson’s book ” A History of the Wind ‘ explores this theory of meteoritic dust seeding clouds

    The juxtaposed European oak /pine temperature series plotted with the southern hemisphere New Zealand cedar [ see the graph on p34 of Baillie’s book ] show dramatic growth / temperature reductions spanning 1320 – 1350

    A Tasmanian Huon pine analysis in the paper ‘ Tree Rings and Climatic Reconstruction in Tasmania ‘ [ E Cook et al ] lists the years 1318 and 1321 as ‘narrow growth rings and 1319 as a frost damage ring

    There was a massive proliferation of biomass burning in New Zealand around 1300 [ See the Maori legend of ‘The Mystic Fires of Tamatea ] and a tsunami deposit dumped on NZ’s Stewart Island carbon dated to circa 1324 AD
    There is a sub -peak in Ted Bryant’s south eastern Australia mega-tsunami chronology 1300 – 1350 [ Baillie ,p91 ] and a radiocarbon enrichment turning point approximately 1325 – 1335 alluding to an ‘ocean turnover ‘ event [ Baillie 46 -47 ] releasing stored carbon into the atmosphere [ marine impacts would do the trick ]

    There is a near vertical flickering in Franzen and Cropp’s [ This would interest Jonny /Anonymous ] Cobalt /REE index around 1300 – 1350 ..It could well signify 1320 given the irresolution of the chronology

  7. The Taurid Complex is implicated in the run up to the Black Death and the onset of the Little Ice Age

  8. Chinese historical texts mention a fusillade of meteorites – an “iron rain” – that fell over Yunnan province sometime in the 14th century , cratering the landscape , damaging buildings and causing mass deaths : ” Houses and hilltops were all with bore-holes ….most of the people and animals struck ….were killed ”

    Several dates – 1361 , 1341 and 1321 – are cited for this event. Exegeses generally prefer 1341 which is plausible . However considering the evidence for a Beta Taurid swarm on 26th of June 1321 documented in a European chronicle , the actual year may be 1321 and the next two candidates – all separated precisely by 20 years – are copying errors.

  9. It is strange to see many people being credited as the discoverers of the Younger Dryas impact., when I first wrote about it in “Man and Impact in the Americas” in 2005. If you own a copy, you have a collectable.

    Moving on, I am also the first person to note the release of gamma rays in large hyper velocity impacts, and also the first person to note the impact event which preceded the YD event.. This appears to date to the Boling Allerod,

  10. The Earth probably intersected a thick cluster of Taurid Complex cometary debris in June 1321 and possibly 1322 coinciding with temperature anomalies in the Atlantic ocean , southern and northern hemisphere tree chronology growth reductions and tsunami deposits located on southern Australian and Stewart Island [ New Zealand ] coastlines . Considering The Australian published a cover story on Ted Bryant’s Australian paleo tsunami research in the Weekend Australian magazine twenty years ago it was strange to see this Orwellian lie in a 2017 article in The Australian easily debunked with a brief internet search :

    ” Australia ………….has a stable tsunami free climate ” [ James Goff identified over 140 Australian historical and prehistoric tsunamis ]

    https://www.globalresearch.ca/are-people-being-thrown-into-psychiatric-wards-for-their-political-views/32450 Oops – wrong link . Put that one to bed .


  11. I added my gmail address in the subscription George …..I sent this intriguing information to you concerning the short period comet 300P/Catalina and the June Epsilon Ophiuchids meteor stream in an email some time ago . If by chance [ or it was blocked ] it did not reach you I will post the relevant quotations publicly here

    ” With [an ] orbital period of 4.4 yr 300P is a comet with the ninth shortest orbital period known …..the dynamical evolution of comet 300P reveals significant changes in orbital elements on a relatively short timescale ………………..”We estimate that the JEO stream must have been formed within the last 1000 yr. Over larger timescales most of the simulated meteoroids drift to orbits which would not be associated with the comet ” [ ” Characterization of the June epsilon Ophiuchids meteoroid stream and the Comet 300P/Catalina , Kornos et al , Astronomy & Astrophysics , March 2020 ‘]

    ” The meteor orbits ,traced back in time seem also to come together at particular epochs . The present day northern Taurids , for example , may have broken away from Enckes comet or a Taurid asteroid about a thousand years ago [ See above : ” must have been formed within the last 1000 yr” ] ,consistently with a surge of activity recorded in the sky around that time ” [ V. Clube and B. Napier , The Cosmic Winter , p 153…See also Figure 4 p 98 ]

    If one examines Franzen and Cropp’s ” REE – index and Cobalt vector all mires 0-7000 Cal BP’ chart the steepling escalation of cosmic dust commences circa 1000 AD which would be consistent with the disintegration of one or more short period comets or inert cometary fragments

  12. Here is another lead George pertaining to the cometary volatility circa 1000 AD : Jonny McAneny in the Deep Tusk Talk discussion thread [ previously ‘ An Oldie But a Goodie’ ] on the subject of Dallas Abbott’s hypothesized cosmogenic Atlantic tsunami wrote : ” Even if Abbott et al do have evidence of an impact and this evidence coincides with evidence for an Atlantic tsunami their dates are imprecise [ AD 1006 +/- 67 or between 939 -1073 ] . Dallas Abbott may want to look at those calibrated radiocarbon dates again close to the AD 939 bracket . Several Spanish chronicles record a destructive meteor air-burst flaring from the Atlantic ocean over north western Spain on the afternoon of June 1 939 AD setting villages and towns ablaze . Taking into consideration the 22 days per millennium Taurid stream calendrical retro-calculations of Duncan Steele , the date – and the time of day – allude to a Beta Taurid Tunguska class bolide . The authors of the relevant paper did not spot the Taurid connection [ ” Evidence For An Atmospheric Airburst Of A Huge Bolide Over Spain In 939 AD As Recorded In Medieval Chronicles ” J.A Docobo et al ,40th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference , 2009 ] This is a translated description from the Chronicon Burgense :

    ” Year 939 AD, June 1st ,Saturday around 3 pm . a flame exit from the sea and set on fire several villages and large cities and men and beasts . And the same sea was set on fire crags , And in Zamora a district and multiple houses . It also affected Carrion , Castrojeriz , Burgos , Briviesca , Calzada , Pancorbo , Belorado and other multiple villages ”

    Notice that the speculative thermal shockwave emanated from the direction of the ocean . There is no standout ammonium signal in the GRIP ice core chronology as there is approximate to 1014 – 21 However the possible 939 Iberian peninsula impact would be an ideal investigative project for the Comet Research Group

  13. 939 , ” During the first day of Muharram in the atmosphere appeared a strong redness in the north and west , and some great columns appeared [ in the sky ] which were many in number ” [ Ibn al Jawzi , xiii , 382 ]

  14. J.A Docobo et al : ” We hope that these results encourage other studies aimed at searching additional evidence through ice core sediments , or tree ring records ……This airburst could be correlated with temperature variations preserved in ice cores and tree rings present in the period 930 – 940 AD ”

    On page 106 of Mike Baillie’s book ‘ New Light on the Black Death ” the captioned twin Irish and English oak chronologies graph cuts out at 940 although the visible temperature downturn – preceded by a sharp plunge around 936 AD – tentatively appears to be as low or lower than the 910 – 915 phase associated with the terminal collapse of the Maya civilization and the resplendent T’ang dynasty in China….. Baillie remarks that ” the T’ang was not succeeded by the Sung until 950 ; in between is the troubled five dynasty period ”

    The Tianchi/Chanbaishan VEI 7 volcano combining historical records and calibrated radiocarbon dates is now assigned to 944 – 46 AD

  15. Glaciochemical signals in Greenland ice cores however , reveal that the Iceland Eldgja fissure eruption ” began in spring 939 CE and continued at least episodically until at least autumn 940CE ” while medieval chroniclers recorded “the spread of a remarkable haze in 939 CE ” The Eldgja eruption probably accounts for the Ibn al Jawzi atmospheric redness and columns [ the volcanic plume ] observed in the ‘north and west ” .. Unless it is loosely translated or to be read allegorically , the Eldgja atmospheric haze cannot explain the Chronicon Burgense text that describes the burning of Spanish villages and towns from the direction of the ocean on June 1 which it must be said is very close to the initial spring outburst of Eldgja in 939 deduced from the ice core analyses …….Then there is the enormous chlorine spike adjacent to the sulfate signal that so puzzled researchers including the authors of a 2018 paper who stated : ” the Cl abundance exceeds that which can be accounted for by sea salt deposition . Notwithstanding a rapid expansion of sea ice and stormy conditions by the winter of 939 /40 , one vector that could transport oceanic chlorine in such immense quantities to the Greenland ice cap is a bolide over the Atlantic in the same year as the Eldgja eruption
    [” The Eldgja eruption : timing , long -range impacts and influence on the Christianisation of Iceland , Orchard et al , Climatic Change , 147 ,369 – 381 , 19 March 2018 ]

  16. “Rifles kill…but cosmic shotguns are a much better shot. And we have been blasted many times since humans arrived.”

    Rifles “kill” only because people use them to shoot things, like targets for practice, or animals for food, or another person in defense. Most times things are shot deliberately, but sometimes a shooting is unintentional but it’s still by a human operator. They don’t shoot on their own, and they don’t load themselves, choose their target, or pull the trigger. Despite what Alec Baldwin claims w/r to his “I didn’t pull the trigger” fatal shooting of Halnya Hutchins on the “Rust” filmset. Ditto w/r to shotguns.

    Your analogizing here projectiles fired from firearms wielded and operated by humans with comets, meteorites, etc. falls utterly flat. At least with me. We have enough stupid and corrupt people trying desperately to take away our 2nd Amendment rights so we’re helpless serfs who cower in terror of everything and are forced to follow their every command to maintain our existence w/o planetary scientists getting in on it.

    Btw, are you proposing that comets, meteorites, etc., are shot AT the Earth, like deliberately? And, by “whom” or “what” are you’re proposing they’re “shot”? And to what “end” (no pun intended) or purpose?

    This Geoscientist is less than positively overwhelmed by my first visit to your site.

    And, do you folks believe the “climate change” happening right now – which is actually a cooling trend (detected/measured by NASA satellite data), at least for the next 1-2 decades though quite possibly longer, and NOT caused by carbon dioxide but decreased solar output – is, according to scientific geniuses Al Gore & John Kerry, “debate over” absolutely “man caused” AND that man can “fix” it “but only if we act now, and only by utterly changing our entire societies”?

    Yes, that was a serious question there at the end.

  17. ” cosmic shotgun’s are a much better shot ” is meant to be a helpful layman’s metaphor for the dilated hazard range of a meteor swarm in contrast to a rifle fired single projectile asteroid .One is more likely to be hit by shotgun pellets than a single high velocity bullet and this can be seen with the prevalence of benign , though occasionally spectacular meteor showers every year that are not static but rather perturbed by the gravitational influence of planets so their orbits wobble and shift ..Over the course of centuries it can be expected the inner ‘torus’ or core of thicker comet debris streams trailing behind a comet or inert comet fragment will intersect the Earths ecliptic plane enhancing the hazard risk .

    The anecdote of the the Egyptian priest Sonchis of Sais counseling the visiting Athenian Solon chronicled in Plato’s Timeaus and Critias suggests this astrophysical phenomenon implicated in recurrent destructions of human civilization was understood thousands of years ago as Sonchis performed a rationalist deconstruction of the myth of Phaeton’s Fall in the company of Solon :

    ” Thus the story current also in your part of the world , that Phaeton ,child of the Sun ,once harnessed his fathers chariot but could not guide it on his fathers course and so burnt up everything on the face of the Earth and was himself consumed by the thunderbolt – this legend has the air of a fable but the truth behind it [ note the rationalist distinction ] is a deviation of the bodies that revolve in heaven around the earth and a destruction, occurring at long intervals of things on the earth by a great conflagration ………..when once more after the usual period of years , the torrents from heaven sweep down like a pestilence , leaving only the rude and unlettered among you ”

    Underlying the ‘superstructure’ of pantheistic ‘state imposed belief ” – the cavorting thunderbolt hurling deities and heavenly retributions – as Clube and Napier elucidated in the Cosmic Winter , ” was a detached materialistic view of the world without any moralistic connotations at all ” ….A proto – Enlightenment . At least one Egyptian scholar priest living at a time just emerging from the Homeric Dark Age – who may well have had to be as careful as Copernicus and Galileo [ or global warming skeptic scientists today ] – understood the mythic beliefs of his day were extravagant superstitions to explain natural phenomena and a periodically dangerous entropic inner solar system environment . What Sonchis knew 2500 years ago was only rediscovered by astronomers relatively recently . How was he privy to this information ? Probably lost in the torching of the Alexandria and Baghdad libraries

    No, George is not suggesting meteorites are purposefully directed at Earth . Much like the legend of Phaetons Fall he is discussing a metaphor . How “positively underwhelming ” that a self declared ‘ geoscientist ‘ could not comprehend such a simple analogy – unless your postured credentials are fake .and you took the opportunity to snidely misrepresent and ridicule him – implying he was a planetary scientist and a furtive fire-arms control aficionado : ” planetary scientists getting in on it ” ?

    Hasn’t your ability to creatively visualize an easily interpretable metaphor ‘fallen flat’

    …A much better analogy would be cluster bombs compared to a MOAB …..Both weapons can inflict a lot of damage but the odds of a large asteroid MOAB strike are considerably rarer than smaller clumps of cosmic debris over historical and geological timescales.

  18. Your April emails sent to me were obscured [ from my perspective ] for weeks George …Not the first time this has happened to me

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