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The Tusk recalls keeping the YDIE a secret in 2006 and 2007, so as not to threaten the publication of what became the seminal paper in 2007. Today the secret is most assuredly OUT. Hundreds of hours of podcasts, videos, and plain old lectures are spilling forth from people all over the globe who are fascinated by the profoundly important and increasingly mainstream discovery. In no particular…
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Comet Research Group kicks off new journal with blockbuster papers

A statement from Randall Carlson

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Astrobiological Airbrush

Manasavi Lingam Avi Loeb NEW: Tusk bibliography of panspermia, disease from space and astrobiology Brig Klyce’s panspermia.org Harvard’s Avi Loeb, and Florida Tech’s Manasvi Lingam, do science and their own reputations a great disservice in a recently published fake history of the term astrobiology. In their self-described “Treatise,” they present the subject as the…
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An Open Letter on Panspermia

Hear! Hear!