Exploring abrupt climate change and pandemic induced by comets and asteroids during human history

January 2020

Top Science story in 2018 receives zero attention or follow-up in 2019
Fourteen months ago the Tusk could not have been happier. Science Magazine not only addressed the Younger Dryas Hypothesis for the first time in a decade, but did so in a lavish, well-written article. The article accompanied the announcement of what seemed could be the long sought ‘smoking gun’ of the YDIH: A massive…
University of Kansas professor claims bias in The Bib
You would think the Tusk and Marc Young’s effort to develop an easily accessible, comprehensive bibliography of all peer-reviewed literature concerning the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis would prove a pretty uncontroversial matter. Indeed the effort might be appreciated by anyone interested in the subject, regardless of their support for the published evidence of global…
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