Month: November 2012

Clovis Comet paper #1 read article in Geology

The wisdom of crowds is comforting. Despite the near total news blackout of the recent developments related to our subject, readers have shot Anders Carlson’s 2010 free paper, What Caused the Younger Dryas Cold Event?, to the top of the Most Read articles in the journal Geology. I am not surprised. This is an absolutely fascinating subject and […]

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Honorable Mention: Clovis Comet in Natural History

Nice blurb in Natural History Magazine this month. Still not sure if there is a longer article behind it in the print or on-line editions. Perhaps not, which would be a shame because Natural History is a fine magazine. It was one of those magazines you could buy when there were still bookstores where you […]

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Davias at Charlotte GSA: The Poster

They are still cleaning up the dropped jaws at Charlotte GSA. (Because of the formatting the poster is best viewed by clicking “download” in the upper left and viewing the file itself.)

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Exaggerated Reports of My Demise

E.P. Grondine was kind to contact me this morning with a thoughtful “Is everything OK?” query.  Emphatically yes, and that is the problem.  My business and civic life, as balanced with young family, have been all consuming for me of late. Our company just signed a very, very large contract and I have recently been appointed […]

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