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Exaggerated Reports of My Demise
event November 7, 2012 comment 10 Comments

E.P. Grondine was kind to contact me this morning with a thoughtful “Is everything OK?” query.  Emphatically yes, and that is the problem.  My business and civic life, as balanced with young family, have been all consuming for me of late. Our company just signed a very, very large contract and I have recently been appointed Vice Chair of the newly formed North Carolina Mining and Energy Commission, charged with the writing an entire set of on-shore exploration and production regulations for our state — from scratch — over the next eighteen months. Throw that in with a griping election season (recall I am a politico), and no particularly interesting news on the catastrophism front, and the wind just got sucked out of my hobby: the Tusk.

But none of that is really an excuse for ignoring a subject of existential importance for two months with nary a word.  If we were blogging on “flowers” or “pets” that would be one thing….

What I need to do is pick through the last few papers, find some interesting and under recognized aspects (since no one really reads papers), and give them some play. Hmmm…. I will also take nominations along those lines (or other truly compelling subject matter).

Thanks for your patience.