Month: January 2010

Is there really a Cosmic Tusk?

Well, maybe. Maybe not. But I do own one of the largest intact Woolly Mammoth tusks found in recent years, and it has starred in a National Geographic episode as a potential relict of the bad times. There are indeed some unusual features to my tusk; odd marks, iron blotches, magnetic areas and such. It […]

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Vance Haynes wonderful PNAS article on the ubiquity of the black mat at Clovis sites  

Updated with working link 1/1/20

C. Vance Haynes PNAS Article on the Black Mat \

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Carolina the Midwest?

Here’s an excellent mash-up of bay LiDAR images Rick Firestone used in a recent article he wrote for the Journal of Cosmology,  The Case for the Younger Dryas Extraterrestrial Impact Event:  Mammoth, Megafauna and the Clovis Extinction, 12,000 Years Ago. Why is it excellent?   Because perhaps it will inspire people to take this phenomena […]

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Sampling protocol for (some) markers of the YD event

Separation of Magnetic and Carbon Markers 06

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Clovis population decline at Younger Dryas?

One of the original 2007 Acapulco AGU posters: Recent evaluation by the author of the South Carolina Paleoindian point database indicates the substantial presence of a suspected Middle Paleoindian point historically known as Redstone (Cambron and Hulse, 1964; Mason, 1962; Perino, 1968; Williams and Stoltman, 1965). When compared with the known abundance of Clovis points […]

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New Paper: Sea Level jump at onset of Younger Dryas?

There was an interesting paper from Science last week concerning sea-level rise in and around the Younger Dryas.  It looks  as though there may have been a relatively small — but dramatically fast–  rise in Sea-Level just before the YD: Deglacial Meltwater Pulse 1B and Younger Dryas Sea Levels Revisited with Boreholes at Tahiti, from Edouard Bard, […]

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Firestone and Topping 2001

The excitement when this scientific paper was published in 2001 was old news to me, really. I had first heard from William Topping way back in 1998. He was interested in Carolina Bays. Terribly interested. So was another scientist he said, Dr. Richard Firestone. I hit the search on Alta Vista and lo and behold, […]

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Scoop: Grad student beats major journal to the punch

It is truly disturbing to see a young grad student do a quick blog for AGU and reveal fundamentally new earth science — while the top writer for Science can sit in the 2nd row and not publish a word. Dukin’ Out the Younger Dryas Boundary: The session PP33B. Younger Dryas Boundary: Extraterrestrial Impact or Not? II […]

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Video: Clovis Comet theory

Here is an informative — if breathless — YouTube clip from one of the several television programs aired in the last year or two that featured the proposed Younger Dryas event.   I am not certain of the name of this particular program — Mega Disasters “Comet Storm,” or some such.  In any event, the Cosmic […]

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