Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

Original YD team poster from 2007 Acapulco AGU

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  1. I just got done watching a video of Dennis Stanford, Head of the Archaeology Division, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution at the 2008 Nobel conference at Gustavus Adolphus College. . . . https://cosmictusk.com/original-yd-team-poster-from-acapulco-agu/ – – – Video Title: “Solutreans: First Americans:The Ice-Age Discovery of the Americas: Constructing an Iberian Solution

    Dr Stanford, along with Bruce Bradley, put forth the “Solutrean Hypothesis”, that Solutrean and Clovis technologies are one continuous development chain, and that at least THAT line of human incursion into the Americas came from Europe.

    He briefly mentioned the YD impact hypothesis during his lecture. Then the last question on the 91 minute video was what he thought about the impact hypothesis. He said he liked it.

    Moderator: “Do you have any comments on that?”

    DS: “Do I have another hour? I LIKE the meteor strike. I think it’s pretty neat, and I’m really glad thy;re doing it and not me. . . I recall the first time I heard Firestone give his talk was at a meeting we had at South Carolina. . .

    “And Russell Graham the famous paleontologist and Tom Stafford presented a paper on the Pleistocene extinction. . . and Basically they have all these really nice radiocarbon dates. It’s all ten-nine (10.9 rc kya), just the same time Clovis is moving across the country as fast as they could go. And Edwin Downey Thomas [???] said, ‘Well, they all went extinct, but there has to be an additional reason, that we don’t know.’ And the next paper Firestone gets up and starts talking about the extra-terrestrial impact.

    “It’s a good idea, and it might explain a lot. Might not. But by using the scientific method and exploring the alternative hypotheses, I suspect that in a couple of years, I might be able to answer this question a little better. But right now I’m pretty sure that Clovis were REALLY good elephant hunters, but I don’t think they had much to do with making those animals go extinct.”

    That was in 2008.

    I picked this very early CosmicTusk post to post this comment as being an appropriate place to put it.

  2. Very interesting Steve! And NOT publicized at all. I suppose that insiders have heard hints, but us laypeople haven’t heard a peep in the media about 20-22ka datings??
    My first impression is that of parallel development between Solutian and Clovis???
    Some minor common technology for the cleaving of stone for sharp points and edges, developed by peoples with a common ancestry who went in different directions at the onset of adverse climatic conditions.

  3. Paul –
    Updates on things from the NOVA video:

    1.) DNA testing was done on Kennewick Man, and it turned out that genetically he was X2a (this from memory from a few weeks ago), which puts him essentially among native American Indians. This is twisted in most accounts about the genetic testing, because X2a does not tie in very well with most native Americans. The closest geogrphic group (as I recall) was some of the Sioux. X is not indigenous to Washington state. It is mostly among the Iroquois and the Ojibwa around the Great Lakes. My best guess at this moment is that he was a result of much interbreeding, to have the X get so far west. The orthodox claim at the moment is that Kennewick man was your run-of-the-mill native American – those who came across the land bridge. But that is far from the truth. X did NOT come from Asia over the land bridge. No X exists among the poeoples of eastern Asia or NE Siberia. Only one group in the vastness of Asia east of the Caucasus has X, and that is the Altai of the Gobi region. The Altai specifically are shown to NOT interbreed, since the groups around them have NO X in them. So, if the X got into Kennewick Man, it didn’t come by way of E Asia or Siberia. When you hear of such claims, do not believe them.

    2.) The Ice-free Corridor: A study of plant and animal and human C14 dates at geographic locations at both ends of the ice-free corridor have shown that it was not opened until about 8,000 rcya – more than 3500 years after everyone thought. Therefore, the ice-free corridor pathway is as b.s. as the Lake Agassiz ice dam break as the cause of the YD cold stadial.

  4. Steve; Never think that I believe such garbage. As I said, ‘it is the result of vested interests’. I’ve lived in contact with native Indians all of my life; some great, some bad, most indifferent, like everyone else. As a longtime commercial fisherman, I just hoot at the proposals of building gillnets from cedar bark fibers..:) The proposition suggested the Stafford video you posted seem to make some sense: where Clovis expanded Westward, perhaps making contact shortly before the YDB. And thereafter, the populations were drastically reduced??
    My magpie curiosity lead me to the following series of videos wherein the knapper makes an interesting observation about the Solutean/Clovis relationship which might support what I proposed earlier?

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