Month: December 2015

NASA impact frequency experts speechless facing Centaur

Bill Napier on the Tusk Royal Astronomical Society Press Release Google News Bonus PDF: Fred Hoyle’s 100th honored Known severe upsets of the terrestrial environment and interruptions in the progress of ancient civilizations, together with our growing knowledge of interplanetary matter in near-Earth space, indicate the arrival of a Centaur around 30,000 years ago. This […]

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Kloosterman: A man before his time

Kloosterman Trevor Palmer and the fine folks across the pond at the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies were thoughtful to contribute a newly translated 2000 monograph by Tusk favorite, Dutchman Han Kloosterman. It is a wonderfully prescient and learned piece that places Kloosterman’s field evidence (the Usselo layer) into centuries of context for catastrophic geology. The publication […]

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