Pro Younger Dryas Impact Papers

Scientific Reports: Melted platinum found in Florida swamp marks Younger Dryas cataclysm; Temps reached >3214­°F

Nature link The different age components are used to evaluate the age of each sample. Other information, such as stratigraphy and artifacts, are used to select components most likely to represent the depositional age. We also have well-dated YDB microspherule and platinum peaks at more than 40 sites across 5 continents that, when present, provide useful chronostratigraphic anchors for selecting…
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The Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis: A Guide for the Perplexed: Marc Young provides a six-part counter-gallop

Comet Research Group kicks off new journal with blockbuster papers


Tusk Unplugged on DemystifySci

One of the many cool things about going on podcasts is being invited to guest and discovering a new podcast you love! That was certainly the case with Demystify Sci with Michael and Anastasia. I could not have enjoyed the conversation more. They are both highly intelligent, which beats the alternative and allows a guest to talk “up” to their level of understanding, rather than…
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Tusk on Danny Jones Podcast

A statement from Randall Carlson