Month: October 2013

Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick: 60 Minutes' Cooper nails NASA's Yeomans and Chodas on common asteroid threat

We all know the Tusk enjoys the study of past catastrophes but is less interested in blogging on space borne threats to our future. The intellectual real estate of future apocalypse — Repent! — is too well populated on the internet for us. But great TV is great TV and Anderson Cooper did a surprising […]

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Faye Flam?: Knight Science Journalism Tracker gets nearly everything wrong in a single blog

Faye Flam Flam responds in KSJT comments? Below is a link to a very poorly written, intellectually depressing and kinda mean press blog out of MIT. Flam does not distinguish Dartmouth’s Markul Sharma et al. from the original Firestone authors despite the point of her lede. Later she updates her blog to correct another less […]

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