Perigee Zero: Carolina Bays in the Midwest

I had the good fortune to meet Michael Davias, the author of the Perigee Zero website, at the AGU Fall meeting last December. Mike has taken the Bay phenomena on-line better than anyone — including me. He has also been fearless in his (well considered) speculation. I have long intended to get Perigee Zero properly […]

New Study: Impact frequency on Jupiter wrong by order of magnitude

More proof the emperor is buck naked from Physics ArXiv Blog:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The strike on Jupiter last year raises the likelihood of future impacts by an order of magnitude, says a new study. But what does it mean for the Earth?

Last July, an amateur astronomer […]

Journal of Cosmology Part II: Terry Jones

Archaeological Perspectives on the ExtraTerrestrial Impact Hypothesis, 12,900 B.P.: A View from Western North America

Terry L. Jones, Ph.D. Abstract

The 12,900 B.P. extraterrestrial impact hypothesis has been introduced into American archaeology at a time when longstanding explanations for the Paleoindian archaeological record encompassed by the Clovis-first and Pleistocene […]

Journal of Cosmology Part I: Napier

Crumbling Comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 Approaches

Today I added a link to the ‘Great Link’s on the right sidebar to a fine ET extinction and Younger Dryas Boundary round-robin thrown last year by the Journal of Cosmology. The Journal solicited a number of distinguished contributers both supportive and dismissive of the idea the earth […]

Blinded By Debate: Steve McIntyre's Climate Audit and AGW Skeptics direct fire on friendly Baillie

I often find myself privately obsessed with comparing the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) debate with the far more obscure ET Climate Catastrophe (ETCC) debate — particularly the nature and role of The Skeptic of Mortal Peril in each.

The Skeptic of Mortal Peril in the AGW debate is defined by the fearless […]

Impact Induced Volcanism in Deep Time: A Colloquy

The Tusk is going slightly off-topic to cover the fascinating discussion of Citizen Castastrophists Hermann Burchard and Han Kloostermann concerning their belief that volcanic hot-spots are caused by impacts in deep time (deep time being the off-topic part).

I’m in Austin, Texas all week at the national swamp swappers conference, which makes […]