Month: May 2010

Perigee Zero: Carolina Bays in the Midwest

I had the good fortune to meet Michael Davias, the author of the Perigee Zero website, at the AGU Fall meeting last December.  Mike has taken the Bay phenomena on-line better than anyone — including me. He has also been fearless in his (well considered) speculation.  I have long intended to get Perigee Zero properly […]

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New Study: Impact frequency on Jupiter wrong by order of magnitude

More proof the emperor is buck naked from Physics ArXiv Blog: Tuesday, May 18, 2010 The strike on Jupiter last year raises the likelihood of future impacts by an order of magnitude, says a new study. But what does it mean for the Earth? Last July, an amateur astronomer noticed that a mysterious dark bruise about the size […]

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Journal of Cosmology Part II: Terry Jones

Archaeological Perspectives on the ExtraTerrestrial Impact Hypothesis, 12,900 B.P.: A View from Western North America Terry L. Jones, Ph.D. Abstract The 12,900 B.P. extraterrestrial impact hypothesis has been introduced into American archaeology at a time when longstanding explanations for the Paleoindian archaeological record encompassed by the Clovis-first and Pleistocene Overkill theories have been conclusively rejected. […]

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Journal of Cosmology (Part I): Napier

Today I added a link to the ‘Great  Link’s on the right sidebar to a fine ET extinction and Younger Dryas Boundary round-robin thrown last year by the Journal of Cosmology.  The Journal solicited a number of distinguished contributers both supportive and dismissive of the idea the earth encountered a game-changing cosmic swarm 13,000 years ago. These papers make excellent fodder for the Tusk […]

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Blinded By Debate: Steve McIntyre's Climate Audit and AGW Skeptics direct fire on friendly Baillie

I often find myself privately obsessed with comparing the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) debate with the far more obscure ET Climate Catastrophe (ETCC) debate  — particularly the nature and role of The Skeptic of Mortal Peril in each. The Skeptic of Mortal Peril in the AGW debate is defined by the fearless pajamaed retirees like Steve […]

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Deep-time Impact Induced Volcanism: A Colloquy

The Tusk is going slightly off-topic to cover the fascinating discussion of Citizen Castastrophists Hermann Burchard and Han Kloostermann concerning their belief that volcanic hot-spots are caused by impacts in deep time (deep time being the off-topic part). I’m in Austin, Texas all week at the national swamp swappers conference, which makes me a busy bee.  So […]

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