Cosmic Blowdown?: Ancient Buried Cypress Forest in South Carolina

Surprised I missed this when it was publicized in 2005. Deep in South Carolina bay country a sand quarry is giving up entire trees — 40,000 year old trees. Many of the logs have their root balls attached. And all are covered by ten meters of brilliant white sand.

Buried Cypress Forest in South […]

Chichen Itza: Its Obvious

I suppose to every kooky carpenter all innocent things appear to be nails, but I will be darned if the phenomena of the equinox twice yearly at Chichen Itza doesn’t scream danger from the sky.

At the fall and spring equin(i?), the temple, or platform as it were, shades the trim juuuuuust right, so […]

Clovis Age Crater Found in Canada: That Makes Three

A little bird shared the paper below with me last week. It is exciting to have another crater found (for the impact with no crater). The dating is provisional but right on the nose. The base of the sediments blanketing the feature tested contemporaneous with the initiation of the Younger Dryas and the time […]

Skeptics: Pinter paper in

The Younger Dryas impact hypothesis: A requiem



real climate, younger dryas, pinter […]