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Chichen Itza: Its Obvious
event March 22, 2011 comment 4 Comments

I suppose to every kooky carpenter all innocent things appear to be nails, but I will be darned if the phenomena of the equinox twice yearly at Chichen Itza doesn’t scream danger from the sky.

At the fall and spring equin(i?), the temple, or platform as it were, shades the trim juuuuuust right, so as to reveal: A full-length flaming snakazoid shooting down the temple ending at a gorgeous stone dragon sculpture at the base. At any other time of the year the dragon head would appear to be a simple decoration, but not on these special days.

I hope to see Tusk commenters bang out some cool elaboration on the myths of Kukulcan\Quetzalcoatl and the world shaking end times over which that dark bird presides. But the genius of the Maya at the El Castillo pyramid does not require an alphabet, a language, or even an internet connection to understand: Sometimes awful fiery things come flying out of the sky and kill you.

It is an Occam’s Razor thing to the Tusk. Why go to all the puzzled trouble the academics seem to favor, without just stepping back and connecting the ample evidence of frequent and horrifying impacts throughout human history (See Tusk, Cosmic) with the very frank message from these cool people of the past.