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Clovis Age Crater Found in Canada: That Makes Three
event March 20, 2011 comment 46 Comments

A little bird shared the paper below with me last week.  It is exciting to have another crater found (for the impact with no crater).  The dating is provisional but right on the nose.  The base of the sediments blanketing the feature tested contemporaneous with the initiation of the Younger Dryas and the time of the purported Clovis Comet impact, 12,900 cal BP.

This crater joins two others, the Charity Shoal feature and Bloody Creek in Nova Scotia, that also appear in this dramatic period.  Each crater is something of a challenge to get to, with two underwater and a third beneath a peat swamp.  But all three seem to come at the Pleistocene\Holocene transition, just when the rest of the evidence assembled by the YDB team appears in the record

To be valid a hypothesis must be predictive.  The Younger Dryas Boundary Hypothesis, despite the bullying of skeptics, seems to have a little touch of Carnac the Magnificent, no?

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One of the Clovis Comet Craters found underwater in Canada?