Month: October 2015

Cosmic Tusk Interview: Dr. Bill Napier

The Paper The Tusk has been interested for some time in conducting an occasional interview with players in fields related to cosmic catastrophes in human times. So much of the coverage of our subject is “drive-by” journalism, with uninformed reporters on deadline asking shallow, often misinformed, questions of key scientists and then writing a story […]

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Carolina bays identified as hydrogen seeps in new paper

I heard have from this group of researchers on and off as they have tested for anomalous hydrogen in Carolina bays based on their work on similar features in Russia. They are very professional and quite certain their test data supports the hypothesis that bays are surficial expressions of hydrogen seeps from down under — not […]

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Younger Dryas Boundary identified in Chile

Paleomagnetism and Mineralogy of Unusual Silicate Glasses and Baked Soils on the Surface of the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile: A Major Airburst Impact ~12ka ago?. Pierrick Roperch, CNRS, Paris Cedex 16, France [email protected]  Abstract ID: 60319  Abstract Body: Unusual silicate glasses were found in northern Chile in one of the driest place on earth, […]

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