Month: March 2013

Extraordinary Evidence and Inexplicable Ignorance: Bunch (2012) and The Bos (2013)

  Bunch  Boslough It is telling to read competing journal articles regarding the Younger Dryas Boundary Event. For example below is the recent paper from The Bos, et al., and below that a publication from the YDB team the year before. (I was added as an author to that one based on some field work […]

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3D Space Navigator and Carolina Bay LiDAR Data from Cintos Research: A Match Made In Heaven

    Eye Candy Earlier this week I purchased a wonderful device, the 3D Space Navigator Mouse from 3D Connexion. I am giving this cool tool Two Tusks Up and encourage any reader who works with 3D or Google Earth to purchase one post-haste. This sturdy little brick of a mouse has a foating head which […]

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Separated at Birth? Worldwide Dragon Myths and Meteor T(r)ails

    What’s up? From Hermann Burchard: George, here is  a simple model to explain the vapor trail’s observed symmetry: Partial cloudlets each side, North & South, have almost identical ones opposite.   1.  The Bos’ blowtorch momentum sims and video blow-ups from Steve Garcia’s posts indicate that the explosive ablations shoot debris ahead in the direction […]

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Linked?: Andrew Cooper on Feb 15 Asteroid and Russian Meteor

  Cooper? Debunked: Not to be taken seriously. The first thing I noticed was a schoolboy blunder in  celestial mechanics:  you don’t add velocities in the way that he did, you add energies, that’s to say the squares of the velocities.  If an asteroid with an asymptotic approach speed of 5.6 km/s is going to […]

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The Song of Ullikummi: Grondine unpacks Bronze Age myth revealing Courty Impact Event

Two posts ago the Tusk provided some desperately needed oxygen to Marie-Agnes Courty’s work concluding the collapse of the Akkadian Empire in Mesopotamia around 2000 BC was the result of cosmic bombardment — not a volcano. Like the skeptics of the YDB group, Courty’s critics have long sought to bury the living, while shooing the rest […]

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Newbies: Very high-temperature impact melt products as evidence for cosmic airbursts and impacts 12,900 years ago (2012)

Restored from the library fire 1/11/20

Cosmic Airbursts – Impacts Leave High Temperature Melt Products at Younger Dryas Download the PDF file .

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Korkino 1:10


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Cosmic Soil in Human History II: Marie-Agnes Courty's Dirty Work Through The Years

1998 Article     2007 Abstract   2012 AGU, San Francisco: Formation of vitrous char that occur in ancient charcoal assemblages have remained unsolved. Laboratory experiments refuted vitrification to resulting from high temperature charring of green or resinous wood. This puzzling problem has been refreshed by showing the association to the charcoal and vitrous char […]

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Younger Dryas Event in California

Restored from the library fire 1/11/20

  One of the most intense debates in the paleosciences in recent years has focused on the question of whether or not a cosmic impact (comet) approximately 12,900 years ago caused both the Younger Dryas climatic oscillation and the disappearance of Pleistocene megaauna in North America. Since it was frst advanced in print by Firestone […]

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