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Separated at Birth? Worldwide Dragon Myths and Meteor T(r)ails
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What’s up?

From Hermann Burchard:


here is  a simple model to explain the vapor trail’s observed symmetry:

Partial cloudlets each side, North & South,

have almost identical ones opposite.


1.  The Bos’ blowtorch momentum sims and video blow-ups from Steve Garcia’s

posts indicate that the explosive ablations shoot debris ahead in the

direction of motion, both vapors and frags.

2.  The vapors immmediately begin to rise initially as whole cloudlets.

3.  By the time the main body of the meteoroid catches up with a cloudlet,

this will have risen a bit, so its bottom is hit off-center.

4.  The meteoroid pierces the cloudlet at its bottom leaving clear air

behind, creating the impression that there are two parts.

5,  Indeed, there appears to be a top part connecting North and South.


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