Month: February 2010

Geology Conference: Radioactive "Green Layer" at Ice Age site in Mexico

The markers were located at a well-known Mexican Ice-Age site This is particularly interesting in light of Vance Haynes’ entirely separate publication last week.   I cant find much on these folks, or at least Mellissa Scruggs.  Perhaps they are young.  If so, hats off to them.  Their research confirmed the recent findings of one of the […]

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Royal Astronomical Society: Napier provides astronomical model for YDB Impact Event

Bill Napier has a significant paper coming out soon in the Monthly Bulletin of the Royal Astronomical Society, and I got a look at it pre-publication.   While I cant share the paper itself, I can share the abstract STRIKE and a few snippets STRIKE.  The paper is significant because for the first time it […]

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Terror From The Sky

This 1498 engraving of a bad day on the continent caught my eye on Michel-Alain Combes’ page here.  I think it is from a famous French fall of that time period. Can someone translate the French for our readers?  [ Click the comments link below to see the translation and explanation of the engraving] Le […]

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Google Earth video of Carolina Bays

A couple of months ago I was having some fun with Google Earth Pro and put together this little video demonstrating the ubiquity of Carolina Bays in Eastern North Carolina. This is one of those projects where you swear you will return and do a “second draft” in the near future — and never do. […]

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NOVA re-running YD Event episode tonight

Wednesday, February 23, 8:00 pm EST Full episode also available at NOVA website click below

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NASA mentions dark and dead comets for the first time: WISE looking for them

I have been interested for some time whether the WISE mission now underway is able to confirm or refute, in part, the widely dismissed theories of Bill Napier and the British NEO catastrophists.  In particular, that the solar system is host to dangerous dark bodies as well as the better known and more easily spotted bright […]

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Guest Blog: A Catastrophist Manifesto from Han Kloosterman

Photo Jessica Kloosterman, Paris, 2009 Han B. Kloosterman — Amsterdam, The Netherlands A CATASTROPHIST MANIFESTO Originally Distributed at the Joint Meeting of the American Geophysical Union, Acapulco, Mexico, May, 2007 Gottfriend Wilhelm Leibniz Leibniz’ Slogan Uniformitarianism, the gradualist doctrine in geology, finds its origin in the slogan Natura Non Facit Saltus, launched around 1700 by Gottfried Wilhelm […]

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Three of Four Clovis Sites radioactive according to Haynes et. al.

I’m reading the recent Vance Haynes paper and there is much on which to comment.  But this caught my eye and I just had to share. Haynes et. al. took the surprising step of analyzing the sediment profile above and below the layer where the last of the first Clovis indians are found — for […]

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Just in from Vance Haynes at Murray Springs Clovis Site

C. Vance Haynes Jr.a,1, J. Boernerb, K. Domanikc, D. Laurettac, J. Ballengerd, and J. Gorevac +Author Affiliations aSchool of Anthropology and Department of Geosciences,University of Arizona, PO Box 210030, Tucson, AZ 85721 bDepartment of Geosciences, University of Arizona, PO Box 210077, Tucson, AZ 85721 cLunar and Planetary Laboratory, Department of Planetary Sciences, University of Arizona, […]

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Just Published: Independents locate ET Black Mat and more in Venezuela

An international team of scientists representing a number of disciplines locate bizarre materials and ET impact markers in a distinct layer of well-dated sediments from the initiation of the Younger Dryas and publish their findings in a major scientific journal.  2007 Firestone in PNAS? Nope.  W.C. Mahaney et. al. Geomorphology — March 2010. In a total […]

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AGU Fall Meeting Re-Cap Part Two: Tom Stafford's Texas Hill Country Paleo site littered with ET evidence at start of Younger Dryas

Tom Stafford was an expert among experts at the Fall Meeting.  I became aware of Tom Stafford when Redefining the Age of Clovis: Implications for the Peopling of America was published in Science in 2007.  He is the Former Director of the Laboratory of AMS Radicarbon Research at University of Colorado.  And for more than […]

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