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Key paper reveals the astonishing cosmic secret behind “Boneyard Alaska”

The recent Joe Rogan episode featuring John Reeves was a wild one for the Tusk. I was both cheering my fellow boners on, while at the same time trying to climb inside my car speakers to provide these two gentlemen with a critical piece of information. Joe and John are seemingly unaware of a 2017 Comet Research Group paper in Nature’s Scientific Reports. The publication concerned our analysis of the remains housed at the American Museum of Natural History, on Central Park, which came from John’s gold mine.

Kay Smythe of the Daily Caller tells the crazy tale well here.

Let’s read that final part of the abstract above once more:

…the mucks and their well-preserved but highly disrupted and damaged vertebrate and botanical remains are reinterpreted in part as blast deposits that resulted from several episodes of airbursts and ground/ice impacts within the northern hemisphere during Late Pleistocene time (~46–11 ka B.P.). Such a scenario might be explained by encounters with cometary debris in Earth-crossing orbits (Taurid Complex) that was generated by fragmentation of a large short-period comet within the inner Solar System.

Yep. John Reeves ALREADY has top-shelf peer-reviewed and well-published evidence that his tusks are cosmic, baby!!

As a founding Co-Director of the Comet Research Group I would like to extend an offer to Mr. Reeves to put our forensic team to work on his bones. We have the equipment, money and people to provide John Reeves exactly the data he is seeking, and the ability to get it published in top journals if he will allow us.

As far as I know, no one in the CRG was aware that the paleo-materials we tested in 2017, taken from the museum, were also available in-situ on private lands in private hands — and I’d like to confirm my own Tusk came from your mine.

We’d love to get our hands on your bones, John Reeves.

~George Howard

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