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Special Event: Randall Carlson Halloween video lecture

Carlson breaks down Taurid Meteors as origin of global Death Festivals

My apologies for the late notice, but I want to make sure Tusk readers know of Randall Carlson’s Halloween video being released tomorrow on HowTube.

I consider Randall’s lectures on the origins of Halloween to be anything but child’s play. Culture’s around the world observe this period of the year, late October and early November, as the Week of the Dead.

Why is this important? Because this common deadly tradition preceded candy sale advertisements — and global cultural diffusion — by many centuries and we believe millenia. The core of Randall’s argument is that the various observances are ultimately rooted in periodic global traumas from the Taurid Meteors — when the yearly light show, from time to time, arrives “chunky style.”

Randall will provide more information — much more information — but there are dozens of clues linking our scary days to actual times of death and physical destruction in the deep past. Modern studies also warn this week is a time of danger [and here].

The special lecture will be available tomorrow and will remain for sale at HowTube. I plan to purchase and watch the video tomorrow, as well as share it with my daughter Georgia for her October 30th birthday. Perhaps she and her college roommates will curl up on the sofa, break out some treats, and see that it ain’t all candy and masks.



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  1. Well George , the Cosmic Tusk websites new feature is the timelapsed closed comments sections so I will post this excerpted information here pertaining to the 1917 – 1919 Influenza pandemic in lieu of the discussion thread under the podcast interview you conducted with Chandra Wickramasinghe months ago .

    [i] ” Pathologists working at Etaples and Aldershot barracks later agreed that these early outbreaks in army camps were the same disease as the infection wave of influenza in 1918 ………..The Etaples camp had the necessary mixture of factors for emergence of pandemic influenza including overcrowding ..live pigs and nearby live geese , duck and chicken markets , horses and the additional factor 24 [chemical ] gases [ some of them mutagenic used in large 100 ton quantities to contaminate soldiers and the landscape ” [ ” A hypothesis : the conjunction of soldiers ,gas ,pigs , ducks , geese and horses in Northern France during the Great War provided the conditions for the emergence of the ‘Spanish’ influenza epidemic of 1918 -1919 ” , Oxford , Lambkin et al , Vaccine , Volume 23 ,Issue 7 ,4 January 2005 , pp 940 – 945 ]

    [ii] ” The influenza pandemic of 1917 -1919 claimed between 50 and 100 million lives ……….Studies have also suggested that the use of chlorine gas on the battlefields of WWI may have caused the virus to mutate into its most virulent form …….The environmental and especially climatic conditions in which the pandemic developed have received less attention in the scientific literature even though historical accounts universally describe abnormally high precipitation and cold temperatures in the years preceding the onset of the pandemic in 1917 and during its deadliest wave in 1918 ” [ ‘The Impact of a Six Year Climate Anomaly on the Spanish Flu Pandemic and WWI , Loveluck , Clifford et al , Geo Health , 15 September 2020 ]

    Now it makes sense . The chemicals and toxic elements that hypothetically induced microbial mutation during the 530s and 540’s and the years leading up to 14th century Black Death pandemic were the residue of comet debris loading and impacting the atmosphere . Chlorine , ammonium nitrate possibly cyanogens and a raft of other chemicals The battlefield chemical weapons used on the Western Front in WWI mimicked these conditions and probably had the same mutagenic and human health debilitating effects in conjunction with the cold temperatures and heavy rains [ think of the 1315 – 22 Great Famine years ] Incessant warfare , harvest failures ,migrations and mobilization of armies that were the other common denominators of the Justinian Plague and the Black Death [ The Black Death is suspected to have been a complex of pathogens and that thesis is likely correct ] …. Fortified urban centres would have provided attractive havens from conflict zones in the sixth and fourteenth centuries [ Barbara Tuchman had no idea of the true patina of her “distant mirror ” ] yet would have become overcrowded incubators of contagious diseases jampacked with animal hosts ….Not disimilar conditions to the Etaples and other field hospital and military encampments of the Western Front described above ..

    It was the perfect storm of hazardous , mutagenic chemicals in the air [ artificially in WWI and of cometary origin in the 530s – 540’s and 1300 – 1350 AD ] , cold freezing weather , widespread malnutrition , compromised immune systems and mobilization of populations and armies acting as disease vectors that caused the Big Three pandemics.

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