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Special Event: Randall Carlson Halloween video lecture

My apologies for the late notice, but I want to make sure Tusk readers know of Randall Carlson’s Halloween video being released tomorrow on HowTube.

I consider Randall’s lectures on the origins of Halloween to be anything but child’s play. Culture’s around the world observe this period of the year, late October and early November, as the Week of the Dead.

Why is this important? Because this common deadly tradition preceded candy sale advertisements — and global cultural diffusion — by many centuries and we believe millenia. The core of Randall’s argument is that the various observances are ultimately rooted in periodic global traumas from the Taurid Meteors — when the yearly light show, from time to time, arrives “chunky style.”

Randall will provide more information — much more information — but there are dozens of clues linking our scary days to actual times of death and physical destruction in the deep past. Modern studies also warn this week is a time of danger [and here].

The special lecture will be available tomorrow and will remain for sale at HowTube. I plan to purchase and watch the video tomorrow, as well as share it with my daughter Georgia for her October 30th birthday. Perhaps she and her college roommates will curl up on the sofa, break out some treats, and see that it ain’t all candy and masks.



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