Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

Beeb Radio: Boslough and Kennett discuss new evidence from Mexico

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  1. This is probably the last comment that I make on this subject for a while, and I’m putting it here to stay away from the other contaminated threads.

    My thinking thus far is that the Corossol impact crater is probably the best bet for this. The Nipigon feature, although in approximately the right place to initiate a glacial ice dam collapse, does not exhibit the subsurface disruptions of a classical impact crater. I toyed with the idea of a tsunami funneling up the Gulf of St. Lawrence for a while, breaking an ice dam into Glacial Lake Vermont which would have created the Champlain Sea and eventually a discharge route to the ocean for Glacial Lake Agassiz, but it seems too close to shore and the area was probably glaciated at the time. However, the fact that it was glaciated and that the original impact crater on top of the ice could have been very large indicates to me that Corossol could be the culprit. The vaporization of huge quantities of Laurentide Ice Sheet water and limestone basement rocks by a hypersonic volatile rich impactor could very well have initiated an ozone collapse and defoilage event in North America, which could have been the last critical stress on the larger and less mobile, less able to forage widely, megafaunal species, and it also satisfies most, if not all, of the microscopic impact proxy evidence. Dating the Corossol impact feature could cinch this. So until further evidence emerges, this is where I stand on this subject. I hope this helps.

    Good luck. And thanks for all the memories.

  2. TLE –

    The existing demonstrated impact dust load is enough to lead to a “nuclear winter”, wihtout the need for other mechanisms.

    As far as “contamination” of threads goes, any HSIE hypthesis (including yours) must account for well known and demonstrated pockets of human survival, as well as other data.

    While this is likely an impact feature, one of the constants in impact research in the recent past has been the conflagration of separate impact events by both amateurs as well as new comers to the field.

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