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Comet Research Group member Marc Young presents at Flinders U

In 2009 the newly proposed Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis was knee capped by Surovell et al. To this day, despite a comprehensive 2012 expose of Todd Surovell’s flaws, his premature rejection of the YD impact is uncritically cited by opponents of the evidence and remains the final word in many closed minds.

It remains a grudging task of the Comet Research Group to periodically refute his mistaken study and another effort is well underway Down Under by the #1 Tusk Buddy Marc Young. Marc is an honors student pursuing an Archaeology PhD at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia. Since his undergrad years, Marc and I have corresponded frequently on all matter’s YDIH.

From social media — where we bat back the critics — to more fruitful efforts such as Marc’s creation and establishment of the The Bib, he has become indispensable to changing the paradigm

Marc gave a stunning presentation at Flinders this week to his colleagues. It was a milestone for “2nd generation” CRG research, and a don’t miss for anyone interested — or ignorant — of the globe chilling human, earth and animal catastrophe ~12,879 years ago.

Marc starts by giving an insightful and succinct explanation of the YD impact evidence — which is no easy task. And finishes with a research program which will set Surovell et al. on their back heel for good.




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