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WikiLies: Skeptical Raptor squelches science
event August 9, 2013 comment 13 Comments

The accuracy of information concerning the YDB event on the Wikipedia has always suffered from the dominance of a moderator describing himself as “Skeptical Raptor.” Watching the Raptor do his wiki-work has taught the Tusk that cynicism has few bounds — and the truth has few friends (that stay up that late at night). The Raptor constantly cleanses the public’s Wiki of any objective balance on our subject.

His shortcoming now identified this fellow is not without merit. The Raptor is one of the most forceful vaccine-truth advocates in the blogosphere. And while the Tusk avoids sharing off-subject opinion, I am way down with the Raptor on vaccination and as a subscriber to his blog, appreciate his constant attention to undermining dangerous public health nonsense.

But this curious contradiction does not absolve the Skeptical Raptor. His character conflicts are not equal. Providing new information is noble and should be the goal of every interested and capable citizen; aggressively suppressing information based on a personal intellectual arrogance is simply despicable.

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