Found again: Cosmic geochemistry identified at Younger Dryas Boundary by independent international research team

In Search for Fingerprints of an Extraterrestrial Event: Trace Element Characteristics of Sediments from… by George Howard

  • Steve Garcia

    It is not important, but…

    As I sometimes do, I went looking for Lake Medvedevskoye. Surprisingly, it wasn’t at the coordinates shown in the paper. That was woods. It took a while , but I found it at 60°31’48’N 29°54’E. It is also listed as Hunter’s Lake. It is only 70km from the heart of St Petersburg.

  • Steve Garcia

    Quibble #1:

    In their Figures, I don’t see what they are describing.

    In Figure 3, there is only the tiniest kink in the “meteoric” elements (Ir, Ru, Cr, Ni, and Cu) at 12.65 kya, but other points in time show bigger kinks.

    Figure 4 apparently is there to show that the “volcanic” elements show nothing remarkable at 12.65 kya.

    But the small kinks in Fig. 3 of the “meteoric” materials do not impress me as supporting the conclusions the authors drew.

    As to dating, IntCal13 caused a shift from 12.9 kya to 12.8 kya for the YDB. Yet this paper still is using the now obsolete value of 12.9 kya.

    All in all, this paper is probably the weakest support for the YD impact hypothesis that I’ve seen.