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SOS: Dutchmen Desperately Seeking Paleo-Plant Wiz

Tusk buddy and YDB team co-author, Johan “Han” Kloostermann, sent me a note sometime ago that I failed to post. Han is the resident expert on the “Usselo Horizon,” a Dutch analog to the Younger Dryas Black Mat and associated YDB layer found throughout North America.

I hope Han will elaborate further in the comments section, but it appears he simply needs an open-minded expert in the relevant fields of paleo-botany and palynology to take a look at some soil samples and report what they find. Perhaps there would be nothing of interest — or perhaps they would detect the burning breath of Hell.

Anyone with these skills — or who could identify someone who might help — is encouraged to contact me or Han directly. My email is at the bottom of the “About George” page.


In some ten exposures of the Usselo Horizon I have seen, two have a thin (a few cms thick) peat-coloured layer on top of the UH – or else it is part of that layer.

I have tried, by sending e-mails to people either side of the northern Atlantic, to find a palaeobotanist and a palynologist willing to have a look at the samples I took. No success.

To readers of the Cosmic Tusk it is not necessary to explain the possible importance: what has happened between the Alleroed and the Younger Dryas.

If you know somebody who is willing to have a look at my samples, please let me know.

~~Han Kloosterman


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