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Younger Dryas Impact cataclysm evidence exceeds that of UFO's

3.1 The termination of the Younger Dryas….

It has been proposed that the Younger Dryas period/GS-1 was initiated by a cosmic impact, for which there is indirect and debated evidence in a large number of sites in the NH surrounding the North Atlantic region (Kennett et al., 2015). A very significant Platinum (Pt) spike has been identified in the GISP2 ice core (Petaev et al., 2013) and at several North American sites (Moore et al., 2017) that potentially originate from the same impact event. The Pt spike occurs about 45 years after the volcanic quadruplet, i.e. after the Greenland cooling has initiated but before it has reached its minimum (Fig. S1b). The hypothesis of the YD initiation by a cosmic impact is currently debated (Holliday et al., 2020).


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  1. “Younger Dryas Impact cataclysm evidence exceeds that of UFO’s” – LOL

    I think you must be referring to the increasing acceptance of the physical evidence by scientists. I would add the anecdotal evidence of millions of witnesses of UFOs (including myself), whereas there are no surviving witness accounts of the Younger Dryas impact as far as I know (though Martin Sweatman might disagree).

    These happen to be my two favorite mysteries. I think the YDIH has a better chance of being widely accepted by scientists in the short term, because it is a simpler question and the government is not actively trying to stigmatize and suppress the evidence, as it is for UFOs. But both will be accepted over time.

    To nail down the evidence for the YDI, more evidence is needed to bring the event into sharper focus so we know the exact sequence of events. It is coming in small increments, like the article posted here. For the UFO question, the evidence exists but is kept hidden – for now. It’s a matter of prying it loose. A good sign is that the disclosure movement is gaining momentum, and there is more openness in and out of government about what is actually known. Watch the news. They’re not laughing anymore.

  2. Hi Noel –

    Gamma rays are produced in hyper velocity impacts:

    With the link between 14C spikes and the meltwater pulses,

    There is no other explanation for this data other than hypervelocity impact.

    This prof is sufficient and necessary, and done.

    We do still need to locate the astroblemes, which are likely somewhere in Canada.

  3. Hi Noel –

    I suppose I am going to have to beat tnis inm with a hammer.

    Two decades ago, when I had a brain, I checked the English translation of a paper by a Russian colleague of mine on gamma ray productions in accreting stars.

    Once again, note the 14C and outflows: the two are linked.
    There is no other explanation for this gorss observed data.

    Now various retards will spew a lot of BS, demonstrating how retarded they are.
    I don’t know what they hell to do.

    NEOcam has just been cancelled, and now what?
    I’m supposed to go up to the Hill and assemble another bi-partisan Congressional majority?
    I’m having trouble walking, little less walking up a hill.


  4. To say the Younger Dryas was NOT an impact related event in the face of all the evidence supporting this reality is a failure to not see the tracks left all across the North American continent plus all the microscopic evidence that backs it up.

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