Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

East To West?: Jersey Big Wave at 12,900 ya

Younger Dryas Tsunami — FULTHORPE–12-18 Ka NJ Channels–Double Tsunamis

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  1. 7/10 tenths of the Earth’s surface is water.
    Take the current impact maps of Europe and North America, and apply them to the Oceans.
    That is what this team is dealing with – cutting edge science.

    Besides the earlier end pleistocene ice melt, and then the breaching of the eastern ice dams during the HSI,
    there is also the effects of the Great Atlantic impact Mega-Tsunami ca 1,000 BCE to be examined,
    plus the events Abbott, Bryant et al hve been working on. The dating for the data is nearly all weak to non-existent on bothe sides of the Atantic, Abbott’s work up the Hudson excepted. Pacific Ocean work is in worse shape, except for Bryant and the HSIWG’s work with no consideration given to the effects of end Holocene melts on the Pacific current flows.

    Gas bubbles exploding is an interesting explanation for the Carolina Bays. If true, then the good news is that commerically exploitable natural gas deposits may still exist. The bad news is that simulaneity of the Bays may be linked to seismic activity in the region, which raises concerns.

    Someone needs to be a central clearing house for Earth impact data and research.
    The petroleum geologists have this ability, and Texas trains them, so Arizona faces some real competition in this field of research.
    All I know is that this work has to be done, and be done as quickly as possible.

    Morrison’s hypothesis that Moon impact data could be used as a proxy for estimating the Earth’s impact rate appears not o be vaild.

  2. Greetings:

    Recent research has suggested the deep, flat channels are the tracing of icebergs dragging across the seafloor.

    Some text here was lost due to “highlighting”, I believe. Here is the original text:


    An interpretation involving erosion of the area 2 seismic facies
    boundary by glacial-lake outwash constrains overlying meandering
    channels to be younger than ca. 18 ka, possibly as young as ca. 12 ka
    (Fig. 3). This interpretation is consistent with our meager existing age
    control ;35 km to the northeast in area 1 (Fig. 1). A channel fill there
    has been dated as ca. 12.5 ka by using accelerator mass spectrometry
    14C (Buck et al., 1999). However, we have not yet established seismically
    whether dendritic systems in areas 1 and 2 are coeval.

    provide an alternative mechanism for catastrophic shelf erosion,
    independent of proximity to an ice sheet. They can result from large
    undersea slope failures (Masson, 1996; Ward, 2001; Ward and Day,
    2001) or bolide impacts (Smit et al., 1996).

    Of the known alternatives, catastrophic erosion
    and redeposition following multiple breaching of glacial lake dams ca.
    19–12 ka best meet the requirements of being able to erode two populations
    of incisions and both fill and bury them.

    – Michael

  3. One could also imagine that impact generated megatsunamis might generate Heinrich like events via the large scale disintegration and dispersal of massive coastal ice shelves, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that is what happened for any particular Heinrich event. It’s just an alternative hypothesis that could be entertained and investigated, because it’s plausible.

  4. Hi TLE – That thought crossed my mind as well, but as Paul H. pointed out, the melting started before the HSI.
    The extraordinary periodicity of Heinrich events pretty much rules out impact as a cause, but instead points to a different mechanism, so infering to ancient events from the HSI does not seem to be valid.

    Hi Michael – thanks for the highlights. One date, some six years into this.

    Hi George – you need to add the Baja California data, and the Venezuela data to your Trust but Verify post. Perhaps you could leave it as the top post, and modify it to keep it current. That would bring first time visitors quickly up to speed.

  5. things that happen on the other side of the world : the green Sahara , at the same time frame the monsoon moved to water the desert . Earth tilt was given as the cause . Earth wabbles regularly, but not always. So what happens in North Americia when it dose ?

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