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Carolina Bays and Peat Fires
event January 31, 2012 comment 2 Comments

But some bays have no peat!

“Analysis reveals that, unlike typical, peat-rich Carolina Bays, Howard Bay essentially lacks peat, diatoms, pollen, and other organic materials, and it also lacks substantial silt and clay. That suggests this Bay never held water for a sustained length of time. Furthermore, the presence of extensive eolian sand calls into question prevailing hypotheses (a) that all Bays were lakes and ponds in the past and that their shapes were formed by wave action, and (b) that groundwater movement led to subsidence that formed the Bay. In addition, the presence of impact markers, including high concentrations of iridium in a layer just above the basal sediments of this Bay, supports the impact hypothesis for Bay formation. The age of Howard Bay appears consistent with and not older than the YD impact event; however, our research did not address the reported anomalous ages of other Bays, a question which remains unresolved.” Formation of Carolina Bays:  ET Impact vs Wind-and-Water, Kobres, Howard,, 2007 AGU

Carolina Bays