Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

Layer upon Layer: Dallas Abbott finds cosmic tsunami debris, well inland, throughout Holocene

PROGRAM NOTE: Can anyone “see” the embedded paper below within the window without a click?! For some reason I cannot…

UPDATE: I can see it now. I should note, however, that these debris were from something that would have CAUSED a tsunami and then rained from above — not from a wave that reached the up-state itself. I knew that when posting but need to clarify I think.

Exotic Grains in a Core From Cornwall NY Do They Have an Impact Source

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  1. clusters of ponds at Black Rock Forest and regionally — possible geoablation from air bursts, rather than glacial processes: Rich Murray 2011.08.09

    The rounded textures of the land forms are similar to the ones within 160 km of Santa Fe, NM, which feature cracked, fractured, blasted, tossed, melted, and glazed rocks of all types and sizes, with many sharp edges from froth or breakage, and having a ground carpet of small scale ground litter, and often with anomalous fractal craters, ponds, lakes, and “pawprints” scattered over higher, erosion resistant surfaces…

    Round Pond
    Black Rock Forest
    Cornwall, NY. USA
    41.376911 -74.023634 .316 km el

    Tamarack Pond
    Black Rock Forest,
    Cornwall, NY, USA,
    41.394918 -74.024842 .397 km el .225 km size

    Sutherland Pond,
    Black Rock Forest,
    Cornwall, NY, USA,
    41.393352 -74.036945 .379 km el .3 km long N-S

    41.386323 -74.029855 .419 km el 16 m size white

    .07 km size bare spot
    41.321883 -74.062012 .284 km el

    Old Silver Mine Ski Center
    Harriman State Park,
    Bear Mountain, NY, USA
    41.294286 -74.060006 .220 km el

    Silver Mine Lake
    41.289240 -74.053897 .217 km el

    .13 km wide flat shiney cracked grey rock,
    41.293128 -74.064885 .228 km el

    within mutual service, Rich Murray
    [email protected] 505-819-7388

  2. Now that we’re done with that, Rich, the importance of New York Valley mega-tsunami is that New York City is the nation’s media hub. Thus the evidence of ancient impact tsunami brings home to them the impact hazard in real terms.

    The loss of office by Mr. Weiner has unfortunately lessened the political effects of this research.

    We still need the mega-tsunami evidence of the cores from the Carolinas if we’re even going to have a hope of getting adequate systems put in place in time.

  3. I was particularly interested in the 1014AD event as Mike Baillie, a speaker at an SIS meeting a few years ago, mentioned 1014AD as an enormous spike in tree rings – that was only evident for a single year. He said something extraordinary happened in that year but nobody knew what had happened. It seems that Simon Haslett, in association with Dallas Abbott, has picked up on this and found a reference in the Anglo Saxon Chronicle (at a time when the chronicle was reliable)that might just fit in with what Baillie said (he also refers to 1014 I think in his book, ‘New Light on the Black Death: the cosmic connection’ Tempus:2006). Funny but we invited Simon Haslett to speak to us at one of our meetings a couple of years ago but he wanted too much for an appearance so we shelved the idea. Mike Baillie has spoken on several occasions and has a lovely amiable style to his presentations.

  4. This may be the first solid evidence for recent & regular damaging ET interference during historical times on planet Earth, besides Tunguska, Rio Cuarto (what am I leaving out). What we expect, seeing JPL’s new Vesta pictures (animation). Tree rings and climate downturns are circumstantial, ice drill cores controversial, noisy bolides don’t do much. Good job, Dallas!

  5. Writing this as I am progressing thought this paper, it strikes me as a bit amateurish. It makes conclusions VERY early, based on very few presented facts. I’ve not seen that in any paper on any topic before. Conclusions such as tsunamis and impacts are usually (from what I’ve seen) held off till a wide variety of evidence is produced.

    This is probably of no serious import, but one statement made in the paper,

    Of the three possible impact sites, the northernmost site would not produce a tsunami in the English Channel area.

    does not jibe with the experience of Sri Lanka during the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004, in which the worst tsunami damage was actually on the FAR (W and NW) side, as the waves wrapped around the island. I believe a contributing factor was reflection of the waves off the Indian coast, but as it was presented at the time that was not discussed. With the proximal position of the French coast, the two situations do seem to have some similarity to me. But perhaps the circumstances were so different between the two events that the English Channel could not have been like Sri Lanka, but without more discussion of it in the paper, I would say that this statement is not correct.

  6. This is off this particular topic,

    Can anyone find links to the times for the technical sessions and the abstracts for them for the October GSA meeting in Minneapolis?

    It looks to me that TFB killed off any discussion of the YD impacts there.

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