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3,732,468 viewers can’t be wrong

I came across the video below this morning on a 2012 site. As regular readers may guess, I don’t get too worked up about next year. But as the 2012 worry-warts research their subject, more and more are coming across the YDB group’s field research and incorporating it into their presentations and arguments regarding the pending Apocalypse.

This is good news – bad news. The good news is that the word is getting out about the research into the past. All publicity is good publicity. The bad news is that many of these folks speculating about the future toss in all sorts of outrageous predictions and assumptions.

I found the video below flattering and pretty middle-of-the-road (relative to other 2012 propaganda). It gave the Firestone paper top billing, and then takes the viewer on a wilder, speculative tour regarding the astral alignments of megaliths, the timing of Jesus’ birth, etc. All the while managing to stay just inside the white lines and off the exit to Kookytown, in my estimation.

(Yeah, he claims the pyramids are times times as old as Zahi Hawass claims.  But then again Zahi Hawass himself is three times older than Zahi Hawass claims).

The video has intriguing production values, not top-flight Hollywood CGI, but not basement video stuff either. The Apocalypse scenes seem to match the storyline, but where do they get all these kinda-special effects and crowd shots? I doubt they hired actors for a YouTube video of this nature, but it also doesn’t seem the material is lifted from another source, at least not from any “comet movie” I’ve ever seen.

In the end, here is what is surprising and, I suppose, encouraging. Nearly 4,000,000 people have viewed this video. Think about that. Think about that relative to the number of readers of the recent fit pitched by Vance Holliday over the Clovis Comet theory. I betcha (maybe) a thousand people or so have read Holliday’s essay on my site and his. For each of those readers there are 4000 viewers of the video below.

I would get a big broom if I wanted to sweep away the Clovis Comet theory.

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