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As the Taurid meteor season wanes on the approach of Thanksgiving, I thought it was relevant (and economical) to share a couple of recent videos which present the Taurid phenomena from different, but mutually informative contexts. The first is a ‘live shot,’ and the second is a ‘retrospective,’ if you will.

Here is a scary cool mash-up of weather person Ashley Baylor catching a live Taurid fireball (mini-airburst) during her October 23rd, 2021 broadcast. The Tusk and Marc Young Produced and Directed the video from across the globe, in 16 hours:

And don’t miss this quick and deep look into the past from popular YouTube science communicator Anton Petrov describing the profound historical significance of Taurid Meteors, based on last month’s Tusk featured paper, Taurid Complex Smoking Gun: Detection of Cometary Activity:

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  1. At
    Cosmic dust may be key source of phosphorus for life on Earth
    today is a report on cometary phosphorous as being essential for life, over 4.5 billion years.

    Previously some studies on phosphorous at the K-T, and the huge increase afterwards in biogenic processes, pointed to something similar. If that is the case, was the K-T event a comet?
    As far as I know one reason the Dinosaurs are not Bird ancestors is the difference in fossil bone phosphorous.
    Today we pump far more phosphorous through the biosphere with modern fertilizers.

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