Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

Regular readers have surely noticed the annoying and unsightly formatting problems here at the Tusk.  In particular, blogs which use “block quotes” of outside material are superimposing themselves on older blogs, rendering them both nearly unreadable. While surely embarrassing for me, please rest easy. Technical personnel have been alerted and we will have it repaired soon.

This is only the latest in a string of incidents which have ham-strung my efforts to keep you up-to-speed.  At the AMQUA conference almost three weeks ago, my formerly trusty Dell laptop blogging tool completely failed (and is still being repaired).   That took me off the air until I returned to the office.  Work has been wild lately, so no time to blog at work, though I’ve made the effort of late.  (I bought an Ipad last week, but it is a poor substitute  for the laptop as far as blogging is concerned).

So, dear reader, for the time being I can only steal away to the blog at work, fervently typing when the line of workers asking dumb questions slackens for a moment.

Hang in there.  When I get up and running I will try to give you a full run-down of the AMQUA conference.  It was a great time, incidentally, with the home team prevailing 65-35 in my humble estimation.

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