Brothers of the Serpent

From my new friends, Brothers of the Serpent  Episode #078: George Howard We have a very special episode for all you snake sibs out there, we interviewed Mr. George Howard, who has been involved with the Comet Research Group from the very beginning in the work on the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis, which we have spoken of many times in previous episodes. George gives us all kinds of insider…
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Road to Joe

Tusk Buddies

Carolina Bays

Tusk on the Carolina Bays

In the weeks following the Hiawatha Crater discovery, I took the opportunity to post a personal note concerning the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis on my Facebook page. Deeper in the thread as a result of some comments I took the opportunity to give my “2018 take” on the Carolina bays. Here is my comment, excerpted from the full post at the bottom. I’ll let it speak for itself…
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Tusk and Co. dig a Carolina Bay

Saginaw Bay fingered by gravity data as ice impact feature