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Saginaw Bay fingered by gravity data as ice impact feature
Davias and Harris at vindicated
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Wow. The cascade of stupefying new discoveries continues. A paper published today in the Journal of Great Lakes Research provides evidence from gravity anomalies that Saginaw Bay in Michigan is a remnant feature of an impact into an ancient ice sheet. This and the recent discovery of Hiawatha Crater make for an interesting configuration. But gaze below at the monstrous concentric gravity rings surrounding Saginaw Bay…

From: “The putative Saginaw impact structure, Michigan, Lake Huron in the light of gravity aspects derived from recent EIGEN 6C4 gravity field model

Journal of Great Lakes Research, December, 2018

If you are interested in the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis, and not been hiding under a YD impact launched rock for the last decade, you have probably encountered Michael Davias’ and Tim Harris’ long contention that Saginaw Bay is an impact feature. They have done one hell of a lot of work on the subject, admittedly not in the field or the lab, but — from one pajama scientist to another — they deserve immense credit for intellectual bravery. Very, very hard to go to GSA conference after GSA conference, year after year, postering a nutty hypothesis not one single person in the huge hall will even entertain.

Good to see some interest in and vindication for Mike’s — and sidekick Tim Harris‘ — nutty idea. Gonna be a big Christmas over at the Davias household!

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