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#Pebblegate over; Tall el-Hammam paper remains published

The Bunch et al. paper concerning the biblical city of Tall el-Hammam and co-authored by the Tusk has proven a dramatic publication. Arguably the most popular scientific journal article on earth, the paper has by turns been reported to millions; smeared by anti-Christian bigots; spared by a secular publisher; and most recently employed by James Lawrence Powell to defend the scientific method…
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NYT: 6000 word Sunday feature article on the YDI and Comet Research Group

Ancient Apocalypse

Twitter Tusk


#ImageForensics Some potential repetitive parts in the corner of Figure 15 of that recent @SciReports paper about an asteroid that destroyed Tall el-Hammam (biblical city of Sodom?). — Elisabeth Bik (@MicrobiomDigest) September 29, 2021 [pdfjs-viewer…
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Tusk at Sedona Conference

Younger Dryas trigger: Cosmic Impacts or Volcanoes?