February Fireballs

From Space with Love: February Fireballs Nothing New

The Great Canadien Fireball Train of February 9, 1913 as painted by Gustav Hahn See Tusk, December 2, 2010 Just sayin’: “They all hail from the asteroid belt—but not from a single location in the asteroid belt,” he says. “There is no common source for these fireballs, which is puzzling.”….. Brown explains: “Back in the […]

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Bolide Shockwave Injures 1000+ in Russia: Black Swan -- or I Told You So?

  The Bos! Slow feed but great vids Plugged!: Younger Dryas Impact Event Feb Fireball Season San Fran Cuba and video Japan Miami Brazil 2012 Iowa 1875 and here 1913 Fireball Hush-Up? NASA Urges Vigilance for Weird Fireballs NASA 2012 Press Release “The Fireballs of February” Year of the Snake? Black Swan As readers know, the Tusk is generally uninterested […]

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