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Pinned Post: Four key papers on Covid from Space

The criticism that bacteria and/or viruses are incapable of surviving under the harsh conditions of space is certainly not borne out by all the data that has accumulated over the past three decades. Bacteria and viruses embedded in minute grains of rock, dust, carbonaceous material, or ice, are protected effectively from radiation damage and can remain fully viable for millions of years under…
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An Open Letter on Panspermia

Hear! Hear!


Tusk on Tape

The Cosmic Tusk has had the good fortune to join several podcasts in the last few years  years to discuss the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis. I am a big podcast fan, and unlike TV, narrow subject fiends like myself stand a chance to get on the air. The experience of speaking, instead of writing, has progressed from unnerving to much more relaxed, even enjoyable. And now that I have several…
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A statement from Randall Carlson

Tusk Buddies