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Published: Four key papers on Covid from Space
From Steele, Wickramasinghe, Howard et al.
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Brig Klyce’s

Peer-reviewed bibliography of Panspermia and Disease from Space

Bonus paper: Cause of the Cambrian Explosion: Terrestrial or Cosmic?


The criticism that bacteria and/or viruses are incapable of surviving under the harsh conditions of space is certainly not borne out by all the data that has accumulated over the past 3 decades. Bacteria and viruses embedded in grains of rock, carbonaceous
material or ice, are protected effectively from radiation damage and can remain fully viable for millions of years under space conditions.

Microorganisms including virions deep frozen within cometary bodies could remain viable indefinitely, and certainly for cosmological timescales. Recent space experiments including those conducted aboard the International Space Station have shown
remarkable survival properties of bacteria and viruses.  Cause of Cambrian Explosion – Terrestrial or Cosmic?


If you are interested in Covid from Space, this is your summer reading. While it is preceded by a variety of other recent articles, and many hundreds if you include the wider literature of Panspermia, these four publications are the starting point for truly understanding Covid. They tell us more about the disease in one fell swoop than all the other global science pubs since January 2020 combined.

But they don’t tell us everything. To learn the rest of the story — or anything approaching it — these papers will need to be “accepted” as legitimate despite their revolutionary thinking. Nothing much of relative importance can be further discovered about Covid-19 unless and until you start with the work right here of Steele, Wickramsinghe, et al.

Despite a half century suppression of Hoyle and Wickramasinghe, and the large swath of experts and their disciplines that would be permanently humiliated, the Tusk believes the recent papers will be accepted — and sooner rather than later.

The arc of science bends towards truth. And in this case perhaps quickly, if one puts aside the previous five decades of delay.

While there is certainly no groundswell of disease from space adherents, Panspermia in general is being verified on a regular and increasingly frequent basis using modern instruments and long delayed experiments.

It will not be too long before the frustration with Covid ignorance, and global surprise by overwhelming evidence for the omnipotence of dessicated and hibernated microbial life in space, will converge to overturn Aristotle and Darwin’s warm little pond.

And at long last we will reposition the earth as a part — not the start — of life.

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