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Kyle and Russ Allen snake the truth from the jaw of ignorance

Key page: Leading scientist predicted space-borne pandemic on Nov. 25th

The Tusk helped arrange a podcast between some dear friends this weekend and made an unexpected cameo at the end. Cambridge scholar Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe provided a detailed explanation of the evidence for space as the principle vector for viruses, after a stupefying explanation of where we come from — and how we got here.

Kyle and Russ Allen did a wonderful job as always, but just listen to Dr. Wickramasinghe. I’m sure Sir Fred Hoyle was equally impressed when Chandra landed in Cambridge as a Commonwealth Scholar after sailing from Ceylon in 1960. What an extraordinary gentlemen.

Here is the podcast from the most curious bros’ in Texas, The Brothers of the Serpent

And here is the audio repost on YouTube:

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  1. Is it possible that Comet Borisov as it pass by Earth in its intergalactic trip through our galaxy a piece broke off and seeded our planet with this new virus. Space.com has a new article about this Interstellar Comet Borisov is no longer in one piece
    as it passed Earth a fragment breaks off and lands close to the epicenters in China for this pandemic. The big difference of this virus seems to show that it came from outside our Galaxy

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