Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

Sweatman destroys Sun et al. in rapid review

Polymath professor takes down volcano paper; proper interpretation of data supports comet impact theory for Younger Dryas

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  1. Let me be clear:

    Unless our volcanologists can show the creation of gamma rays in volcanic eruptions, this debate is over.

  2. Now that that is done, let’s move on.

    I remember when the Alvarez’s observations first made it to US governmental scientific circles. (Don’t ask me about this, as I can not tell you about this now. and will not tell you for a bit yet.)

    If we look at US government funding for impact research, it has been zero, nil, nada, zilch. Aside from no money for the search for impact structures from the Holocene Start Impact Events, there has been no money for the investigation of impact tsunami structures along the coasts of the US, in particular the SE Atlantic coast. This failure in geological research funding is non trivial: the US faces a threat from impacts as yet poorly defined and understood. It may all have been from one disintegrating comet, but then we have other recent impacts which we can comfortably assert were not from Comet Encke, in particular Meteor Crater, Arizona.

    I know it is rather tasteless to point this out, but science usually follows funding. And so far the funding for research on recent impacts has been non-existent. What we have here is an entirely new field of scientific research, and thus no established channels of funding.

    Oh well. If you’re looking for something to keep you busy, research on recent impacts is a wide open field. I can only hope that you are really really good. And if you are not going to give me a Nobel Prize in physics, at least buy me dinner and a drink. That is only fair, if I am going to be f***ked.

  3. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Your powerful and absolutely honest statement could not have been more adequately pointed and calibrated to perfection. I stand with you having spent every available penny I have and countless hours, days, week’s, and months on end. in pursuit of the truth, which I can’t believe that these naysaying armchair scientist. Won’t even get off their A%#@**’es and at least look for themselves. I have been assisting CRG for several years and a very recent discovery in North Dakota’s Ancient Lake Aggazzi is going to provide some much-needed reinforcements. I have yet to inform Allen West, Malcolm LeCompte, and Christopher Moore, of my terrible mistake and accidental mislabeling of evidence. Thank God, the nature of the mistake will lead to an amazing piece of a puzzle being snapped in place.

  4. This is my third attempt to compose this note, as my stroke damage keeps resulting in accidental deletions. This time I am saving my drafts.

    At one point, I had everyone from Rohrabacher to Weiner onboard, under the able leadership of George Brown. But time moves on.

    The cash value of the Nobel Prize is around $1.1 million, which is enough to seed initial geological research on the Atlantic and Pacific coastal margins, as well as to investigate some structures in Canada.

    Scepticism in science is very very healthy, but when sceptics receive all of the funding, then there is a real problem. Particularly in the case of the impact hazard, which is deadly both to our nation as well as to everyone living on this planet.

    “Greenland” will be released very soon, and I urge everyone here to use that opportunity for public education. While “Man and Impact in the Americas” is sold out, I will use the opportunity to promote its collectors value.

  5. This just in:

    “However, digging deeper reveals a disturbing partisan trend that’s now playing out in important ways: while 43% of Democrats still told Pew in 2019 that they had a “great deal” of trust in scientists, only 27% of Republicans said the same. Moreover, Democrats were also more likely (73%) than Republicans (43%) to believe scientists should take an “active role in policy debates”—results that foreshadow the American right wing’s ongoing efforts to minimize public-health
    officials and other experts.”

    And then of course, in our area you have the manned Mars flight “enthusiasts” who think that thew only thing NASA has to do it fly a few people to Mars. Have I mentioned before how tired I am?

    Trying to conduct planetary protection in

  6. Hello, i am an outsider to this debate and it’s scary and weird to watch this drama unfold. The theory is so strongly backed by evidence and still gets bashed and shunned upon from all sides. I’ve read “The Cosmic Winter”. I’ve read tons of scientific papers.

    The new Sun paper is out in a 10+ news platforms although it is flawed as sweatman already pointed out. The bias is unbelievable.

    I think there is a very big psychologocial side to all of this. It’s not rational. It’s not scientific. I think that our society as a whole has developed a protection-mechanism against the true brutality and chaos of the universe. The theory of cosmic impacts, life in space and more threatens the false sense of security that the western world and capitalism is praying day after day.

    It’s a problem of consciousness and awareness. It’s a cultural phenomena and its not at all only limited to science. I am sure there are many different historic developments entangled that led to this status quo.

    The real question is: How do we move away from this bubble of ignorance and finally move on? How do we dig out the right things and fund the proper projects that drive humanity forward?

    I think the effects of social media are a big problem. Biased articles. Uniformed people. But the fear of chaos might be even bigger than all of that.

    On the other side you have conspiracy theories that are funded by crackheads that make the whole story even harder. Many times valid and critical theories get thrown into the conspiracy pot and done with it. Very easy defense. Some overly motivated people make things worse. Others just sell snake oil to make money.

    The situation is infuriating. On many fronts, and the YDIH is not the only one. It’s a global problem. A huge one.

    But: There must be a way to solve this and move on. There is always hope. I am thinking hard about campaigns, be it visual, media, audio, or writing to make an impact. What you need is strategy. And you need to know the real enemy. Use his weapons against him. Surprise everyone with an unpredictable move. I’m with you guys.

    You can’t solve it by only doing good science in my eyes. It needs coordinated communication, strategy and outreach.

    This whole topic is fascinating but also insanely frustrating to read and watch. 🙂

  7. Hi F. Eisenherz –

    The denial mechanism is not tied to capitalism. The phenomenon of denial is tied to very deep human psychological mechanisms. We can examine the Chinese inability to look at the death of their first Emperor by impact as a easy demonstration of this phenomenon. Among Native Americans, this phenomenon is less pronounced, as usually memories of the Holocene Start Impact Events are preserved to some degree in their religions and histories. But then those are dismissed by many.

    The Holocene Start Impact Events are but two ofr the recent impacts. There were far more of which you currently know nothing. See the Cambridge Conference archives for an introduction to them.

    The problem is funding for geological ( and sometimes archaeological) research. Those who have research funding are very very reluctant to part with it.

    “This whole topic is fascinating but also insanely frustrating to read and watch.”

    You ought to try living with the impact hazard. But then you are, and you have no choice about that. It is simply that you do not know it yet, have not realized the danger.

    Bottom line, we can prevent the next impact, or we can loose millions or billions of people. So what are you going to do?

  8. Hi EDS –

    “Recent evidence for extraterrestrial impact, although not yet compelling, needs further testing because a remarkable major perturbation occurred at 10,900 B.P. that needs to be explained”

    Oh yeah. For some Native American memories of exactly what happened, see:


    “We” need some money to locate the impact points, so that.this kind of mealy mouth stuff will come to an abrupt end.This is a repeat of what occurred with the dinosaur extinction impact. But this impact was far more recent.

    (I am reminded by my search for this that I need to get a lawyer to get NAFPS corrected. There seems to be some confusion about my distant Shawnee ancestry.)

  9. Hey Edmund, I enjoyed your note on Academia. Very interesting. Will read it again.

    One thing: I am not scared. I don’t have a fear of impacts. I believe that the earth could be struck tomorrow or in a year. Or in 10 or 50. Yes.

    But here comes the major twist. I have read so many myths & written poems myself about death & chaos. It’s part of an endless cycle of things. Many religions & ancient cultures know better than we do today because they have not forgotten.

    They have not forgotten that we are small, vulnerable creatures in the face of death. And as pointed out in the “Cosmic Winter” many cultures share the same core beliefs & stories. The cosmos and our universe is not an ordered, peaceful place. We (modern man) are walking on earth for more then 40.000 maybe 300.000 years. Some people want to pretend our ancestors were dumb, naive, simple people that believed in fairytales for 38.000 years, but modern man is wise & rational. I think this is nonsense. We are the same but our surrounding is different. Our chances to evolve are much higher. For now. Until the next impact.

    The terrible part is that this knowledge is disappearing. It’s being replaced by a philosophy of order & total predictability. For more details read the brilliant book: “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism” that’s what I was referring to in my last comment. It’s not only this specific instrumentariasm that is a problem. But I am very sure it’s causing major trouble especially in the field of funding catastrophic studies. In the worldview of surveillance capitalism there is one big goal: Perfect order that can be predicted & measured.

    The YDIH has many enemies. The biggest one is the worldview that we are currently in. A theory of chaos in my eyes is a threat to many ideologies & modern propaganda. I am sure you are right that there is an ancient fear or ignorance, but I also think modern society has it’s own very strange issues that are being mixed together with this older set of fears.

    Although the periodicity changes the game on the aspect of chaos. Very interesting. This is something which should be highlighted whenever possible. There’s a pattern in all of this. At the end it might be a beautiful pattern: One of life & death. Creation & destruction. It could therefor be measured and predicted to some point. Here the old fear sets in again and ignorance looms. Why is this not happening? Why do we always hear: “Don’t worry. Leading scientists & experts are assured, the chance of an impact is near zero and only happening every millions of years”.

    When are we going to see new established prediction models for impacts on earth? I fear: This is not going to happen before the next major impact.

  10. Have you ever heard of ‘planetary defense’ ? Conferences are held biannually, with hundreds of papers available on topic.

    How come that you from the YDIH team never went there ?

  11. Hi F.E. –

    Thanks for taking a look at my piece on academia.

    Impact is not a personal fear for me either. It is simply that the numbers of people killed in these is very very large, and we live in an interconnected world. A small change in the angle of interception would have led to four nuclear reactors melting down at Chelyabinsk.

    As a historian, we have discovered an entirely new historical force which has been at work in the past, a force which explains very many things. My I suggest that instead of Surveillance, you get and read a copy of “Man and Impact in the Americas” while you still can? Buy a used copy, as it is sold out right now.

    The role of information systems in modern states is an issue that every nation will have to tackle. But you’ll have to forgive me for focusing what limited intellectual resources I have left after my stroke on the problem of keeping everyone, and I mean everyone, alive.

    I share you concern. Again, consider Chelyabinsk. But we have the technology to prevent the loss of a very large number of lives at a very reasonable cost. It is simply a problem of getting them deployed.

    Besides the politics of the infighting for science funding, it seems to me that the psychological denial mechanism in this case is functioning very well.

    I have to say, this has been an interesting exchange. Just remember me to the Nobel Prize Committee.

  12. Hi CV –

    “Have you ever heard of ‘planetary defense’ ?

    Speaking for myself, I began reporting on the impact hazard well before the term “planetary defense” came into use. At that time
    “planetry defense” referred to dealing with the back contaminaton hazard, bringing back a pathogen from Mars.

    “Conferences are held biannually, with hundreds of papers available on (the) topic.”

    I’ve had a stroke and do not get around much. That said, sessions on recent impacts at the Archaeological Institute of America, the American Anthropological Society, or even the Geological Society of America, are very limited. if not entirely non-existent.

    As far as those papers you mention goes, how many of them are any good or substantive? I myself deal with recent impact events, so how many of those papers deal with them?

    “How come that you from the YDIH team never went there ?”

    Which “you” are you referring to? When members of the YD team present, George usually makes it to the sessions.

    Excuse me, but I have to go now and self medicate with caffeine and nicotine.

  13. Hi, EPG,

    I read many of your papers and posts. I was specially impressed with those strikes on Kelts in Biscay Bay.

    By ‘you’ I mean members of the ‘Comet Research Group’, those advocating the YDIH, and all of you who search for craters under the microscope. You seem to be underrepresented on the PD conferences.

    How many papers deal with recent impacts ? 15-20%. It is one of typically 7-8 sessions/topics. There is also an excercise ‘what if…’, enacting potential real threat situations. Very nice. Things improve slowly, as knowledge accumulates.

    ‘How many papers are good ?’ One can learn a lot from some of them. If you advocates of the YDIH have read them, you would have learned that what you propose is utter nonsense. Boslough et al were right to ridicule you at the beginning. However, opposition stopped in 2016, because then I told them where the YD impact craters are. All of them. I rediscovered the main one even before Petaev published his data.

    At present almost everything is known about the YD event.

    The impacts happened on Aug 29, 10,950 BC, Gregorian calendar. Without coincidence, last year Trump established Space Forces on Aug 29.

  14. Hi CV –

    Hold it right there.

    Very little is known about the “YD” impacts.
    Otherwise, I would have my Nobel Prize.

    “We” have not located the impact epi-center.
    For that matter, “we” ca not even agree on how many impacts there wer.

    “those strikes on Kelts in Biscay Bay” What the hell are you talking about?

    “opposition stopped in 2016, because then I told them where the YD impact craters are. All of them. I rediscovered the main one even before Petaev published his data.”

    Please excuse me, but who are you? I am completely unfamiliar with your “work”. There are so many seriously disturbed people with delusions of grandeur wandering around the internet. If you used your name, we could locate your research and conjectures.

  15. Hi EPG,

    Long time ago I read an article, I think signed by you, about a small impact on some trading outposts of Kelts in Biscay Bay, which broke their supply chain with grain. Maybe it was not your article.

    Location of the impact sites have been known since the time of impacts, and that knowledge has been preserved, as sacred knowledge.

    Location of the main crater I found during the Mayan hype, and published that find in early July 2013, few weeks before Petaev published his data. At that time I had no idea how old was the crater.

    7 years later, date (Aug 29, 10,950 BC), time (down to the last second), and locations of all the impacts were resolved, velocities, composition of the impactors, trajectory, impact angle, consequences, chain of events, who was where, doing what,… all deciphered by forensic examination of craters, and verified by multiple testimonies of witnesses. Only mass and energy are still somewhat uncertain at this moment.

    As for who I am, I am a third party in this dispute, a mediating one. I am not selling books, nor asking for funds, and I publish anonymously in the comments, sometimes, about a work in progress. Exchange of opinions between coleagues proved useful numerous times. I always welcome cooperation.

    Under my own name I published papers related to planetary defense, but I can not tell you which without ruining my anonimity. Obviously, I do not care about publicity and grandeur, nor do I ask for any kind of prize (money).

    However, on this site for instance in late 2015 I discussed that Laacher See was an impact site. This was one of the 2 most commented articles at that time (Andronikov paper). 2 people opposed my views, and one was supporting them. This page is on topic of Laacher See too, so if you wish to debate, you can start with giving me credit for that find instead of accusing me of delusions.

  16. Hi CV –

    That bit of work in Florida was not by me. You were probably confused by my work on the Key Marco impact.

    What I am looking for is a major astrobleme in Northern North America:
    Notice the outflows.

    I am “very skeptical” of your EXACT date for the second of the Holocene Start Impact Events. Because if you were as good as you claim, you would have spotted the first of these impacts.

    As the study of impact events now attracts all sorts of people with delusions of grandeur, you will have to excuse my extreme scepticism.

    I can not find my new collection of Native American memories at academia. I do not know what went wrong. I will re-post them there.

    Here is Sterling Webb’s analysis of cometary impact:

    I do not know what I did wrong here. Of course, it is entirely possible that I did nothing wrong. It has happened before.

    For those playing along at home, my Etruscan Dictionary has far more downloads. That is the way the world works. There are only about 20 historians of northern native america in academic employment.

  17. “The real question is: How do we move away from this bubble of ignorance and finally move on? How do we dig out the right things and fund the proper projects that drive humanity forward?”

    The only way we can as a whole move on from where we are and embrace the big picture is remove all religion. Once we are able to do that perhaps we might see more emphasis on science as opposed to bronze age mysticism and magic. Every time man wants to move forward (from Galileo to Turing) religion gets in there it morphs into “its all god’s plan” and we should not be worried or ask why.

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