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New media on the Younger Dryas Impact

Between Egypt and the ‘Ro I have neglected to post a lot in the last few months. I’ll be trying to rectify that this year, in part by doing shorter posts with more 3rd party media concerning the Younger Dryas Impact Catastrophe. There have also been a couple of new papers I’ve not posted (outside of the always current Cosmic Tusk Bib). So stayed tuned there also…

Today I wanted to share two interesting popular communications. The first is from a superb PBS Science show, Eons, where the host Blake de Pastino (@westerndigs) does an excellent job explaining the importance of the Younger Dryas — the competing explanations for its cause — and includes the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis.

This is a significant “media mainstreaming” of what has always been legitimate hypothesis, but not long ago was dismissed in such presentations or ignored altogether. Good to see yet another example of that slowly but surely changing. I’ve teed up this video to the tick concerning the impact hypothesis:

The second piece of helpful media is a podcast with Dr. James Kennett, of our very own Comet Research Group. Dr. Kennett, as fans of the YDIH know, is the most distinguished scientist regularly publishing evidence in support of the cosmic cataclysm, and surely our Most Valuable Player. He is a member of the National Academy of Scientists, founded the field of Paleoceanography, and helped define our modern understanding the Younger Dryas climate crash early in his 60 year career.

It is wonderful to listen to Jim on our favorite subject. I highly recommend tuning in below.

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