Younger Dryas Impact Evidence

Updated Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis Bibliography and Paper Archive

Tireless Aussie Marc Young has done it again. During his summer holiday Marc has managed to link every YDIH peer-reviewed journal article directly from the bibliography spreadsheet. My idea to have a slick “accordion file” of all the papers at the bottom of the page was simply ahead of its time, and this is a much cleaner solution. So, now, finally, the YDIH literature is fully — and easily  — accessible worldwide with a scroll and a click.

See the permanent page here

For the moment, we just have links to the published papers, which were already archived. But we have reached out to the poster authors and in coming days will archive and link those research items as well.

Also, as lagniappe, Marc pasted together the handy table below from a recent publication comparing independent confirmations with null results for the Comet Research Group’s impact proxy evidence in the Younger Dryas Boundary.


In one sense this is a minor accomplishment in the archival arts. But from another perspective, given the intellectual laziness of the science commentariat with regard to the actual publishing record of the hypothesis, it is a huge leap in the ability to educate them, and perhaps hold them accountable, despite their willful sloth.


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