Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

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Readers may recall a few months ago the Tusk and Australian university student Marc Young compiled a bibliography and archive file of all the YDIH publications since the seminal PNAS publication in 2007. I have taken the files and given them a permanent home here.

The publication history of the subject is a long and complex one, but the arc of of the subject clearly bends toward the truth, and the bibliography reveals this. In just the past month, two more papers have revealed clear evidence for the Younger Dryas Impact, in South Carolina and South Africa. One of them was authored by a newcomer to our subject, distinguished Palaeoanthropologist Dr. Francis Thackeray of Wits University, and the second by Tusk friend and YDIH lead author Dr. Chris Moore at USC.

As the evidence for the impact is confirmed again and again, and published over and over in leading journals worldwide, it becomes more difficult — and more pleasurable — to keep track of it all. So Marc and I wanted to have a single go-to-spot to provide the information — each and every paper — and demonstrate the compelling body evidence for all to see. The variety and quality of publications must make it terribly difficult for what remains of science journalists to keep asking why this darn subject wont just die.

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