Coronavirus from Space?

Update: Tusk sends protest letter to Space.com

As regulars know, this is the 2nd communication this week from living scientific martyr Dr. Chanda Wickramasinghe to the Tusk, and this one is perhaps the more pressing.

Chandra’s note below, shared first on the Tusk, is to the prestigious medical journal The Lancet and a technical communication concerning the increasingly global scourge of Coronavirus. Virology ain’t my thing, but Chandra is very well published on the subject, and indeed authored a book concerning Disease from Space way back in 1981.

It may seem that Hoyle and Wickramasinghe’s idea went nowhere, but don’t be so sure. As Chandra noted in the previous communication concerning Avi Loeb’s “Claim Jump,” the new decade promises quick advances and increased acceptance of he and Fred Hoyle’s once-heretical “Panspermia” hypothesis (see, spell check even recognizes the term).

Sir Fred and Dr. C determined decades ago that life is absolutely everywhere. They proved interstellar “gas” and “dust” clouds are organic in nature, with some clouds and cosmic material having spectra which precisely match that of dessicated bacteria.

Viruses, to Hoyle, Wickramasinghe, and their hardy band of fellow travelers, rain constantly down through our atmosphere and provide the source of epidemic and pandemic disease, as well as genetic contributions. For a wonderful and profound paper concerning effects of genetic rain from space for life on earth, read Steele et al. (2018) here.

While this idea is controversial to the point of censorship, I am hopeful that N.C. Wickramasinghe may indeed have his note published by the Lancet, just as this one was in 2003 concerning SARS.

Another Tusk buddy Mike Baillie approaches the horrifying subject in a different manner, using myth and trees rings in his book, “New Light on the Black Death“, which is surely the most horrifying non-fiction I have ever encountered.

I have followed the subject for years and there is good reason to suspect a cosmic vector for Coronavirus. I appreciate Chandra sharing these important communications exclusively with the Tusk, and Graham for spreading the news more widely. Please post this terrifyingly timely information on your socials — and perhaps it will go viral.

*Very pleased to see Graham Hancock share this post on Facebook this morning. (New visitors please note you can subscribe to the Cosmic Tusk by clicking the hamburger in the upper right hand corner of this page!)






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