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If coronavirus spreads only from person-to-person, each carrier will introduce mutations and transmit a slightly altered version to the pool. As rounds of infection multiply, accumulated mutations should increasingly vary the viral nucleotide sequences. For example, sequences from Wuhan should differ measurably from ones from New York.Advocates of panspermia think the virus initially arrives airborne. If so, global distribution will be more rapid and whole communities will be exposed at once. In that case, sequences from around the world would be more similar than if person-to-person infection is primary. To compare the two scenarios, many complete sequences are needed. The lack of them is frustrating to outspoken Australian immunologist and fellow panspermia advocate Ted Steele. ~~Brig Klyce, www.panspermia.org, 4.17.2020

Four recent Wickramasinghe, Steele et al. publications supporting in-fall from space as the source of the Coronavirus

I’m on a fascinating global email thread concerning disease from space, and Dr. Ted Steele a prominent Australian immunologist is a frequent contributor. Ted is also a regular co-author with Dr. Wickramasinghe, with whom he predicted the pandemic on November 25, 2019

According to Ted this morning, the single sliver of mutation data we are not allowed to see for COVID, may reveal the truth about person-to-person spread of the virus: It is impossible for it to have occurred so quickly. Using unidentified “superspreaders” to march the unmutated virus instantly across the planet is akin to a medieval myth, and a non-scientific “patch” to the failing paradigm of animal-to-human-to-human infection.

With tongue in cheek, Ted refers to these amazing characters as “Quantum Spreaders”

So for Chandra, and the rest of the gang on the email, this instant transmission without mutation is best explained by in-fall of the virus from above, in a “patchy” manner on the landscape. Some areas (both large and small) see higher infection rates because they were more significantly dosed from the atmosphere and beyond — not because they shake hands more often.

We have already highlighted the fact that the several
isolates of the virus distantly placed in time and space appear to have
little or no genetic variations, implying a “pure culture” of the virus of
external origin being maintained over several weeks [2-4]. This
situation is difficult to reconcile with a brisk replication of the virus in
hundreds of thousands of individuals who are infecting one another –
as the viruses will often mutate in transit, however slightly.

Ted is justifiably alarmed by the effort to play “keep away” with data which has no conventional explanation. Apparently, the earliest genome from New York remains unavailable, while later sequences are posted regularly. If that genome could be compared to those from other originally infected locations, Steele believes it would reveal the virus simultaneously dosed many of the early areas, not “superspreaders” and other mythological characters.

While alarmed to a degree, the Tusk is also encouraged, since Thomas Kuhn taught us a paradigm has to first experience a “crisis” of contrary and “nonsensical” observational data in order to be so disreputable that it must be discarded.

Days since the New York genome of Coronavirus should have been published:
[countup date=2020/03/01]
[before]We will be soon in 2020![/countup]

Unfortunately today’s crisis is not just of data, but lives.

Dear Chandra and Friends:

FYI- attached. The situation in the USA is now approaching the outer reaches of absurdity- the Fox News Channel today reports from “sources” that the US is pushing a bat jump theory coupled to a Wuhan lab worker- who then infected the entire central region of China in an explosive fashion ( a super spreader) , and China then hid it from the USA! This is real crazy stuff – a pure science fiction story.

Compare this with my own nuanced ongoing sequence analysis of person-to-person (P-to-P) spreads in Seattle hospitals and local Seattle environs of WA State for Feb 23-24 collections – plus other outbreaks (that I am aligning and tabulating furiously right now).

To extract quotes from a recent progress report:

“These P-to-P mutational signatures are vastly different from:

  1. Wuhan, China at the height of their epidemic (late Dec-Jan) – low mutation, no P-to-P ( see earlier spread sheet 25 Wuhan/China sequences)
  2. Grand Princess cruise ship off California (Feb 18-24, 24 sequences)- very similar to Wuhan signature if not identical to Hu-1 ref- low mutation, no P-to-P- and in this cruise ship case MOST fail to mutate their COVID-19 ! ( Part of our research proposal) and see earlier spread sheet 54 USA sequences.
  3. Spain ( 12 seq), Iran ( 2 seq), France ( 1 seq) collected during exponential growth phase of cases ( Mar 2-Mar 21)- again low mutation, no P-to-P, very similar to Wuhan signature if not identical to Hu-1 ref.” ………

“So two very different deaminase-driven epidemic mutational signatures, related to modes of apparent spread :

  1. a. Fast , furious and explosive (logarithmically) at a specific location – no apparent P-to-P spread, low mutation, and highly conserved mutation when it occurs ( this means the virus came from a common source simultaneously infecting many at once all from same Patient X (??) , but Patient X would also have to be the same in Wuhan, Tehran, Spain and France  (and the Grand Princess cruise ship) – a super “Quantum-like”  spreader indeed in many places virtually at once (over a very similar time period ) in different global regions – jetting rapidly back and forth between different countries infecting thousands of people ?!.
  2. Much slower, with clear Person-to-Person (or environmental contaminantion via P-to-P interactions) – such as WA State (and I bet Australia and certain sites like Ruby Princess). Much greater sequence diversity, although still mutational conservation re amino acid level, with new layers of deaminase-driven RNA mutation signatures laid down in each P-to-P transfer.”

So this US government propaganda effort is the biggest myth-making exercise based on no scientific data presented I have ever seen in my life[………]

How is this BS myth going to be exposed? – it seems to have a political momentum unrelated to reality and to scientific data. Real hysteria has now infected the USA big time. And Scot Morrison is buying it as well!

So we now see why the USA via their NIH (Fauci’s base), the CDC ( also Fauci’s base) are not uploading complete genome sequences of COVID-19 for the explosive growth phase in New York City March 16- March 31 and first week April- As of today they still have not been uploaded to NCBI Virus at


then click NCBI Virus and which takes you to the key site where all NIH curated sequences are located


Yet many other isolate collections from all around the USA are being uploaded every day (check it out yourself) – the longer this “delay” goes the more it looks like they are covering up a mountain of data that completely refutes their own public spin story (viz. the NYC virus is highly virulent and contagious etc, etc) – Fauci and his mates at NIH and CDC (and I bet also at NASA !!) have seen the sequence and mutational patterns which I have seen (above) and it has literally has blown their minds out! They cannot ever allow that NYC data to be released to the scientific community – a massive cover up of highly relevant scientific data is now in progress in the USA.

Feel free to send my email report far and wide and make it go viral on social media.


All our key recent papers with Chandra et al are at

https://www.hilarispublisher.com/virology-current-research/inpress.html .


Edward J Steele PhD


Life Fellow, CYO Foundation, Piara Waters, 6112


Email: [email protected]



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