Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

James Lawrence Powell fingers Surovell et al.

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  1. Just bought Amazon Kindle version and read it. Error in section 1072 where author describes size of possible Hiawatha Glacier impact crater asteroid as 31 km (18 mi); which is the size of the crater, not the potential asteroid. Unnecessary politically correct mentions of anthropological climate change; potentially to bolster standing within academic circles? Martin Sweatman presents a more comprehensive review of YDIH research references in his YouTube series entitled “The Younger Dryas impact debate research”. Randall Carlson provides a considerably greater scope of YDIH material in his older GeoCosmic REX and newer Kosmographia YouTube series.

  2. One of James L. Powell’s previous books, “Four Revolutions in the Earth Sciences, From Heresy to Truth”, is one of my favorite books on the history of science. Since reading it two years ago, I have promoted it as a mandatory textbook for understanding how science blackballs outsiders and quashes solutions which do not conform to scientific “consensus”. We all know about Wegener, but do you know about the steel grip physicist Lord Kelvin held on scientific advancement? His “math” showed the Earth could be no more than 100 Million years old – which defeated Wegener’s proposal due to the time constraint. Even Darwin felt Kelvin’s wrath for daring to propose evolution over time frames we now know are appropriate. Good reading fro us adventurers! Now if I can only get George to consider that the Carolina bays are far older than the consensus agrees. You know they are, George!

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